Ticket #782: pc-sysinstall.log

File pc-sysinstall.log, 2.1 KB (added by nrgmilk, 22 months ago)
1kern.geom.debugflags: 0 -> 16
2Deleting all gparts
3Running: gpart delete -i 1 /dev/ada0
4ada0s1 deleted
5Running: gpart destroy /dev/ada0
6ada0 destroyed
7Clearing gpt backup table location on disk
8Running: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada0 bs=1m count=1
91+0 records in
101+0 records out
111048576 bytes transferred in 0.019206 secs (54596816 bytes/sec)
12Running: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada0 bs=1m oseek=122876
13dd: /dev/ada0: end of device
145+0 records in
154+0 records out
164194304 bytes transferred in 0.021728 secs (193038592 bytes/sec)
17Running: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada0 count=3000
183000+0 records in
193000+0 records out
201536000 bytes transferred in 0.515811 secs (2977835 bytes/sec)
21Running gpart on /dev/ada0
22Running: gpart create -s mbr -f active /dev/ada0
23ada0 created
24Running gpart add on /dev/ada0
25Running: gpart add -a 4k -t freebsd -i 1 /dev/ada0
26ada0s1 added
27Cleaning up /dev/ada0s1
28Running: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada0s1 count=1024
291024+0 records in
301024+0 records out
31524288 bytes transferred in 0.168613 secs (3109417 bytes/sec)
32Running: gpart set -a active -i 1 /dev/ada0
33active set on ada0s1
34Stamping boot1 on /dev/ada0
35Running: gpart bootcode -b /boot/boot1 /dev/ada0
36bootcode written to ada0
37Running: gpart create -s BSD /dev/ada0s1
38ada0s1 created
39Running: gpart add -s 120877M -t freebsd-zfs -i 1 /dev/ada0s1
40ada0s1a added
41Running: gpart add -s 2000M -t freebsd-swap -i 2 /dev/ada0s1
42ada0s1b added
43Running: gpart bootcode -b /boot/boot /dev/ada0s1
44bootcode written to ada0s1
45NEWFS: /dev/ada0s1a - ZFS
46Setting up ZFS boot loader support
47Running: dd if=/boot/zfsboot of=/dev/ada0s1 count=1
481+0 records in
491+0 records out
50512 bytes transferred in 0.038195 secs (13405 bytes/sec)
51Running: dd if=/boot/zfsboot of=/dev/ada0s1a skip=1 seek=1024
52128+0 records in
53128+0 records out
5465536 bytes transferred in 0.052587 secs (1246239 bytes/sec)
55Running: gnop create -S 4096 /dev/ada0s1a
56Creating zpool tank1 on /dev/ada0s1a
57Running: zpool create -m none -f tank1 /dev/ada0s1a.nop
58Running: zpool export tank1
59Running: gnop destroy /dev/ada0s1a.nop
60Running: zpool import tank1
61Running: zfs set atime=off tank1
62EXITERROR: ERROR: The partition /dev/ada0s1b does not exist. Failure in bsdlabel?