source: build-files/freebsd-update/patches/9.1-RELEASE/2-SA-13:04.bind.patch @ 635dc54

Last change on this file since 635dc54 was 635dc54, checked in by Kris Moore <kris@…>, 2 years ago

Add our freebsd-update code to GIT

This will become a dumping ground for mods we may make to the freebsd-update
build process, as well as the specific patches we have going into a release

  • Property mode set to 100644
File size: 462 bytes
  • lib/bind/config.h

    int sigwait(const unsigned int *set, int *sig); 
    281281/* #undef HAVE_OPENSSL_GOST */ 
    283283/* Define to 1 if you have the <regex.h> header file. */ 
    284 #define HAVE_REGEX_H 1 
     284/* #undef HAVE_REGEX_H */ 
    286286/* Define to 1 if you have the `setegid' function. */ 
    287287#define HAVE_SETEGID 1 
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