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1# Makefile for knobs
2# Whom:         Maho Nakata <>
3# $FreeBSD: editors/openoffice-devel/files/Makefile.knobs 300896 2012-07-14 13:54:48Z beat $
5CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-jdk-home="${JAVA_HOME}" --with-ant-home="${LOCALBASE}/share/java/apache-ant"
6CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-lang=${LOCALIZED_LANG}
9        @${ECHO} "OPTIONS:"
10        @${ECHO}
11        @${ECHO} "You can select the language for OOo by making it with:"
12        @${ECHO} "make LOCALIZED_LANG=xx"
13        @${ECHO} "while xx can be one of the following"
14        @${ECHO} "af ar as-IN be-BY bg br bn bn-BD bn-IN bs ca cs cy da"
15        @${ECHO} "de dz el en-GB en-US en-ZA eo es et eu fa fi fr ga gl"
16        @${ECHO} "gu-IN he hi-IN hr hu it ja ka km kn ko ku lo lt lv mk"
17        @${ECHO} "ms ml-IN mr-IN ne nb nl nn nr ns oc or-IN pa-IN pl pt"
18        @${ECHO} "pt-BR ru rw sk sl sh sr ss st sv sw sw-TZ te-IN ti-ER"
19        @${ECHO} "ta-IN th tn tr ts tg ur-IN uk uz ve vi xh zh-CN zh-TW"
20        @${ECHO} "zu"
21        @${ECHO} "Current setting: ${LOCALIZED_LANG}"
22        @${ECHO}
23        @${ECHO} "NOTICE:"
24        @${ECHO}
25        @${ECHO} "To build OOo, you should have a lot"
26        @${ECHO} "of free diskspace (~ 11GB) and memory (~ 2GB)."
27        @${ECHO} "If you want SDK and/or solver, please type make sdk and/or make solver"
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