source: build-files/ports-overlay/emulators/open-vm-tools/files/patch-vmhgfs-vnopscommon.c @ 1e102bd

Last change on this file since 1e102bd was 1e102bd, checked in by Kris Moore <kris@…>, 22 months ago

Add a bunch of modified ports for 10.0, so we can fix the building

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File size: 761 bytes
1--- modules/freebsd/vmhgfs/vnopscommon.c.orig   2010-10-20 05:19:54.000000000 +0900
2+++ modules/freebsd/vmhgfs/vnopscommon.c        2010-11-16 13:26:55.000000000 +0900
3@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@
4 static int HgfsDoGetattrInt(const char *path, const HgfsHandle handle, HgfsSuperInfo *sip,
5                            HgfsAttrV2 *hgfsAttrV2);
6 static int HgfsDoGetattrByName(const char *path, HgfsSuperInfo *sip, HgfsAttrV2 *hgfsAttrV2);
7-int HgfsReadlinkInt(struct vnode *vp, struct uio *uiop);
8+/* int HgfsReadlinkInt(struct vnode *vp, struct uio *uiop); -> vnopscommon.h */
9 static int HgfsQueryAttrInt(const char *path, HgfsHandle handle, HgfsSuperInfo *sip,
10                             HgfsKReqHandle req);
11 static int HgfsRefreshHandle(struct vnode *vp, HgfsSuperInfo *sip, HgfsHandle *handle);
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