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1~OCT 2011:
2Jesse Smith converted his command-line utility "Make-A-PBI" into the early stages of a GUI program called EasyPBI and asked the PBI developers at the PC-BSD Project for feedback and suggestions. Ken Moore came onboard at this time to assist in creating a Qt4 interface for EasyPBI.
4NOV 1, 2011:
5EasyPBI version 0.3 was released!
7DEC 2, 2011:
8EasyPBI version 1.0 was released!
9Changes include: ability to build PBI's directly from the EasyPBI interface, numerous bugixes and interface improvements.
11DEC 12, 2011:
12Jesse Smith transferred ownership of EasyPBI and PBIMaker (formerly Make-A-PBI) to the PC-BSD Project.
13Ken Moore (from the PC-BSD project) takes over full development of EasyPBI.
15MAR 20, 2012:
16EasyPBI was added to the default PC-BSD system for the upcoming PC-BSD 9.1 Beta releases.
17SVN location: svn://
19~MAR 28, 2012:
20EasyPBI version 1.2 is tagged in SVN!
21Changes include: New backend to replace the old "Make-A-PBI" code, new PBI module editing functionality, ability to use TMPFS when building PBI's, numerous bugfixes.
23JUN 20, 2012:
24EasyPBI version 1.3 is tagged in SVN!
25Changes include: New ability to use package caching when building PBI's, ability to read FreeBSD OptionsNG formatting, numerous critical bugfixes to the port-reading and module-editing backend.
27JAN 10, 2013:
28EasyPBI version 2.0 is released!
29This version includes a complete re-write of the program, with a newly streamlined UI and many functionality improvements.
30Special Thanks to Jennifer Rosenburg for the new logo and icons!
31New features: Packaging a local directory as a PBI, allow building 32-bit PBI's on a 64-bit system, advanced scripting support for PBI modules, complete XDG desktop/menu/mime support for modules, and switch to full optionsNG for PBI build options.
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