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1~OCT 2011:
2Jesse Smith converted his command-line utility "Make-A-PBI" into the early stages of a GUI program called EasyPBI and asked the PBI developers at the PC-BSD Project for feedback and suggestions. Ken Moore came onboard at this time to assist in creating a Qt4 interface for EasyPBI.
4NOV 1, 2011:
5EasyPBI version 0.3 was released!
7DEC 2, 2011:
8EasyPBI version 1.0 was released!
9Changes include: ability to build PBI's directly from the EasyPBI interface, numerous bugixes and interface improvements.
11DEC 12, 2011:
12Jesse Smith transferred ownership of EasyPBI and PBIMaker (formerly Make-A-PBI) to the PC-BSD Project.
13Ken Moore (from the PC-BSD project) takes over full development of EasyPBI.
15MAR 20, 2012:
16EasyPBI was added to the default PC-BSD system for the upcoming PC-BSD 9.1 Beta releases.
17SVN location: svn://
19~MAR 28, 2012:
20EasyPBI version 1.2 is tagged in SVN!
21Changes include: New backend to replace the old "Make-A-PBI" code, new PBI module editing functionality, ability to use TMPFS when building PBI's, numerous bugfixes.
23JUN 20, 2012:
24EasyPBI version 1.3 is tagged in SVN!
25Changes include: New ability to use package caching when building PBI's, ability to read FreeBSD OptionsNG formatting, numerous critical bugfixes to the port-reading and module-editing backend.
27JAN 10, 2013:
28EasyPBI version 2.0 is released!
29This version includes a complete re-write of the program, with a newly streamlined UI and many functionality improvements.
30Special Thanks to Jennifer Rosenburg for the new logo and icons!
31New features: Packaging a local directory as a PBI, allow building 32-bit PBI's on a 64-bit system, advanced scripting support for PBI modules, complete XDG desktop/menu/mime support for modules, and switch to full optionsNG for PBI build options.
33APR 24, 2013:
34EasyPBI version 2.1 is tagged!
35Changes include: Combine the FreeBSD ports dialog into the EasyPBI Settings dialog, use portsnap for all FreeBSD ports fetching and updating, added the ability to flag xdg entries as requiring root, make all the "save" buttons dynamically enabled as appropriate.
37DEC 16, 2013:
38EasyPBI version 2.2 is tagged!
39NOTE: This version requires the 10.x version of the PBI manager to build PBI's (included in PC-BSD 10.x).
40Changes include: Update to work with the 10.x version of the PBI manager backend. This includes moving from using the FreeBSD ports tree to using pkgNG packages for information and building (so the FreeBSD ports tree is no longer necessary). This slims down the EasyPBI options/interface quite a bit, so a fair number of options have been removed. Packaging a local PBI is now standardized by simply creating a custom FreeBSD package on your system first, then use EasyPBI to re-package it as a PBI.
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