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[eb2e9cc]1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
[256b8024]3<TS version="2.0">
5    <name>mainUI</name>
6    <message>
7        <source>PC-BSD Bootup Configuration</source>
[256b8024]8        <translation type="unfinished">
9            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]10    </message>
11    <message>
12        <source>Boot Environments</source>
[256b8024]13        <translation type="unfinished">
14            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]15    </message>
16    <message>
17        <source>Create a new boot environment</source>
[256b8024]18        <translation type="unfinished">
19            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]20    </message>
21    <message>
22        <source>Add</source>
[256b8024]23        <translation type="unfinished">
24            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]25    </message>
26    <message>
27        <source>Remove the currently selected boot environment</source>
[256b8024]28        <translation type="unfinished">
29            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]30    </message>
31    <message>
32        <source>Remove</source>
[256b8024]33        <translation type="unfinished">
34            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]35    </message>
36    <message>
37        <source>Make a copy of the selected boot environment</source>
[256b8024]38        <translation type="unfinished">
39            </translation>
40    </message>
41    <message>
[eb2e9cc]42        <source>...</source>
[256b8024]43        <translation type="unfinished">
44            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]45    </message>
46    <message>
47        <source>Rename the currently selected boot environment</source>
[256b8024]48        <translation type="unfinished">
49            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]50    </message>
51    <message>
[7078e92]52        <source>Activate the selected boot environment to be used as the default during bootup</source>
[256b8024]53        <translation type="unfinished">
54            </translation>
[7078e92]55    </message>
56    <message>
57        <source>Default</source>
[256b8024]58        <translation type="unfinished">
59            </translation>
[7078e92]60    </message>
61    <message>
62        <source>Amount of time before the default option is started (0 deactivates automatic booting)</source>
[256b8024]63        <translation type="unfinished">
64            </translation>
[7078e92]65    </message>
66    <message>
67        <source>Display the GRUB menu during the countdown</source>
[256b8024]68        <translation type="unfinished">
69            </translation>
[7078e92]70    </message>
71    <message>
[eb2e9cc]72        <source>Name</source>
[256b8024]73        <translation type="unfinished">
74            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]75    </message>
76    <message>
77        <source>Running</source>
[256b8024]78        <translation type="unfinished">
79            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]80    </message>
81    <message>
82        <source>Date</source>
[256b8024]83        <translation type="unfinished">
84            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]85    </message>
86    <message>
87        <source>Mountpoints</source>
[256b8024]88        <translation type="unfinished">
89            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]90    </message>
91    <message>
92        <source>Space</source>
[256b8024]93        <translation type="unfinished">
94            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]95    </message>
96    <message>
97        <source>GRUB Configuration</source>
[256b8024]98        <translation type="unfinished">
99            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]100    </message>
101    <message>
102        <source>Settings</source>
[256b8024]103        <translation type="unfinished">
104            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]105    </message>
106    <message>
107        <source>Timer</source>
[256b8024]108        <translation type="unfinished">
109            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]110    </message>
111    <message>
112        <source> seconds</source>
[256b8024]113        <translation type="unfinished">
114            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]115    </message>
116    <message>
117        <source>Font File</source>
[256b8024]118        <translation type="unfinished">
119            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]120    </message>
121    <message>
[7078e92]122        <source>Font file for GRUB to use</source>
[256b8024]123        <translation type="unfinished">
124            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]125    </message>
126    <message>
[7078e92]127        <source>Select a font file for GRUB</source>
[256b8024]128        <translation type="unfinished">
129            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]130    </message>
131    <message>
132        <source>Show Timer Countdown</source>
[256b8024]133        <translation type="unfinished">
134            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]135    </message>
136    <message>
137        <source>Theme File</source>
[256b8024]138        <translation type="unfinished">
139            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]140    </message>
141    <message>
[7078e92]142        <source>Theme file for GRUB to use</source>
[256b8024]143        <translation type="unfinished">
144            </translation>
[7078e92]145    </message>
146    <message>
[eb2e9cc]147        <source>Select a theme file for GRUB</source>
[256b8024]148        <translation type="unfinished">
149            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]150    </message>
151    <message>
152        <source>Save the current settings configuration</source>
[256b8024]153        <translation type="unfinished">
154            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]155    </message>
156    <message>
157        <source>Re-load the GRUB settings</source>
[256b8024]158        <translation type="unfinished">
159            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]160    </message>
161    <message>
162        <source>Custom Entries</source>
[256b8024]163        <translation type="unfinished">
164            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]165    </message>
166    <message>
167        <source>Save the current entry configuration</source>
[256b8024]168        <translation type="unfinished">
169            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]170    </message>
171    <message>
172        <source>Re-load the GRUB entries file</source>
[256b8024]173        <translation type="unfinished">
174            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]175    </message>
176    <message>
177        <source>Invalid Name</source>
[256b8024]178        <translation type="unfinished">
179            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]180    </message>
181    <message>
182        <source>A Boot Environment with that name already exists, please choose a different one.</source>
[256b8024]183        <translation type="unfinished">
184            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]185    </message>
186    <message>
187        <source>Working</source>
[256b8024]188        <translation type="unfinished">
189            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]190    </message>
191    <message>
192        <source>Performing Boot Environment Changes. Please Wait.</source>
[256b8024]193        <translation type="unfinished">
194            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]195    </message>
196    <message>
197        <source>New BE name</source>
[256b8024]198        <translation type="unfinished">
199            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]200    </message>
201    <message>
202        <source>Choose a name for the new boot environment</source>
[256b8024]203        <translation type="unfinished">
204            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]205    </message>
206    <message>
[7078e92]207        <source>Running Boot Environment</source>
[256b8024]208        <translation type="unfinished">
209            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]210    </message>
211    <message>
[7078e92]212        <source>You cannot rename a boot environment that you are currently running!</source>
[256b8024]213        <translation type="unfinished">
214            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]215    </message>
216    <message>
[7078e92]217        <source>Choose a new name for this boot environment</source>
[256b8024]218        <translation type="unfinished">
219            </translation>
[7078e92]220    </message>
221    <message>
[eb2e9cc]222        <source>You cannot remove your only boot environment!</source>
[256b8024]223        <translation type="unfinished">
224            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]225    </message>
226    <message>
[7078e92]227        <source>Single Boot Environment</source>
[256b8024]228        <translation type="unfinished">
229            </translation>
[7078e92]230    </message>
231    <message>
232        <source>You cannot remove a boot environment that you are currently running!</source>
[256b8024]233        <translation type="unfinished">
234            </translation>
[7078e92]235    </message>
236    <message>
[eb2e9cc]237        <source>Verify BE Removal</source>
[256b8024]238        <translation type="unfinished">
239            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]240    </message>
241    <message>
242        <source>Are you sure you want to delete the following boot environment?</source>
[256b8024]243        <translation type="unfinished">
244            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]245    </message>
246    <message>
247        <source>Select a GRUB Theme File</source>
[256b8024]248        <translation type="unfinished">
249            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]250    </message>
251    <message>
252        <source>Theme File (theme.txt)</source>
[256b8024]253        <translation type="unfinished">
254            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]255    </message>
256    <message>
257        <source>Select a GRUB Font File</source>
[256b8024]258        <translation type="unfinished">
259            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]260    </message>
261    <message>
262        <source>Font File (*.pf2)</source>
[256b8024]263        <translation type="unfinished">
264            </translation>
[eb2e9cc]265    </message>
[7078e92]266    <message>
267        <source>Rebuilding GRUB menu system. Please wait.</source>
[256b8024]268        <translation type="unfinished">
269            </translation>
[7078e92]270    </message>
271    <message>
272        <source>Unsaved Changes</source>
[256b8024]273        <translation type="unfinished">
274            </translation>
[7078e92]275    </message>
276    <message>
277        <source>You currently have unsaved changes in the GRUB configuration. Do you want to quit anyway?</source>
[256b8024]278        <translation type="unfinished">
279            </translation>
[7078e92]280    </message>
[8b61673]281    <message>
282        <source>You cannot make a copy of the currently running boot environment!</source>
[aebf244]283        <translation type="unfinished">
284            </translation>
[8b61673]285    </message>
[a789e81]286    <message>
287        <source>Boot Environment names may only be comprised of letters and numbers</source>
[0f6669f]288        <translation type="unfinished">
289            </translation>
[a789e81]290    </message>
[549e831]291    <message>
292        <source>&amp;File</source>
293        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
294    </message>
295    <message>
296        <source>&amp;Emergency Services</source>
297        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
298    </message>
299    <message>
300        <source>&amp;Close</source>
301        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
302    </message>
303    <message>
304        <source>Re&amp;build GRUB Menu</source>
305        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
306    </message>
307    <message>
308        <source>&amp;Restore GRUB Defaults</source>
309        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
310    </message>
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