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1[Desktop Entry]
3Exec=pc-su pc-adsldap
6Keywords="active directory ldap"
8Name=Active Directory & LDAP
9Name[ar]=الدليل الن؎ط و LDAP
10Name[bs]=Active Directory & LDAP
11Name[de]=Active Directory & LDAP
12Name[el]=Active Directory & LDAP
13Name[en_GB]=Active Directory & LDAP
14Name[en_ZA]=Active Directory & LDAP
15Name[es]=Active Directory & LDAP
16Name[et]=Active Directory & LDAP
17Name[fa]=Active Directory & LDAP
18Name[fr]=Active Directory & LDAP
19Name[fr_CA]=Répertoire actif & LDAP
20Name[hr]=Active Directory & LDAP
21Name[hu]=Active Directory és LDAP
22Name[it]=Attiva Directory & LDAP
23Name[ja]=Active Directory ず LDAP
24Name[nl]=Actieve map & LDAP
25Name[pl]=Active Directory & LDAP
26Name[pt_BR]=Active Directory e LDAP
27Name[ru]=Active Directory О LDAP
28Name[sr]=Active Directory & LDAP
29Name[sv]=Active Directory & LDAP
30Name[tr]=Active Directory & LDAP
31Name[uk]=Active Directory та LDAP
33Name[zh_HK]=Active Directory & LDAP
34Name[zh_TW]=Active Directory與LDAP
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