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1[Desktop Entry]
9Name=Adobe Flash Player preferences
10Name[af]=Adobe Flash Player voorkeure
11Name[ar]=تفضيلات Adobe Flash Player
12Name[bg]=Adobe Flash Player преЎпПчОтаМОя
13Name[bs]=Adobe Flash Player podešavanja
14Name[de]=Adobe Flash Player Einstellungen
15Name[el]=ΠροτιΌήσεις Adobe Flash Player
16Name[en_GB]=Adobe Flash Player preferences
17Name[en_ZA]=Adobe Flash Player preferences
18Name[es]=Preferencias de Adobe Flash Player
19Name[et]=Adobe Flash Playeri seaded
20Name[fa]=تن؞یمات ادوؚی فل؎ ٟلیر
21Name[fi]=Adobe Flash Playerin asetukset
22Name[fr]=Préférences d'Adobe Flash Player
23Name[fr_CA]=Préférences d'Adobe Flash Player
24Name[he]=א׀שךויות Adobe Flash Player
25Name[hr]=Adobe Flash Player postavke
26Name[hu]=Az Adobe Flash Player beállításai
27Name[id]=Pilihan-pilihan Adobe Flash Player
28Name[it]=Preferenze di Adobe Flash Player
29Name[ja]=Adobe Flash Playerの蚭定
30Name[ko]=Adobe Flash Player 환겜 섀정
31Name[lv]=Adobe Flash Player iestatījumi
32Name[mn]=АЎПбе флаш тПглуулагчОйМ сПМгПлтууЎ
33Name[nl]=Adobe Flash Player-voorkeuren
34Name[pl]=Preferencje odtwarzacza Adobe Flash
35Name[pt_BR]=Preferências do Adobe Flash Player
36Name[ro]=Preferințe Adobe Flash Player
37Name[ru]=НастрПйкО Adobe Flash Player
38Name[sr]=Adobe Flash Player podešavanja
39Name[sv]=Adobe Flash Player instÀllningar
40Name[tg]=ХусусОятҳПО плеерО Adobe Flash
41Name[tr]=Adobe Flash Player tercihleri
42Name[uk]=Adobe Flash Player МалаштуваММя
43Name[vi]=Adobe Flash Player sở thích của
44Name[zh_CN]=Adobe Flash Player讟眮
45Name[zh_HK]=Adobe Flash Player 偏奜蚭定
46Name[zh_TW]=Adobe Flash Player偏奜蚭定
47Comment=Preferences for Adobe Flash Player
48Comment[af]=Voorkeure vir Adobe Flash Player
49Comment[ar]=تفضيلات Adobe Flash Player
50Comment[bg]=ПреЎпПчОтаМОя за Adobe Flash Player
51Comment[bs]=Podešavanja za Adobe Flash Player
52Comment[ca]=PreferÚncies quant a la Adobe Flash Player
53Comment[de]=Einstellungen fÃŒr Adobe Flash Player
54Comment[el]=ΠροτιΌήσεις για Adobe Flash Player
55Comment[en_GB]=Preferences for Adobe Flash Player
56Comment[en_ZA]=Preferences for Adobe Flash Player
57Comment[es]=Preferencias para Adobe Flash Player
58Comment[et]=Adobe Flash Playeri seaded
59Comment[fa]=تن؞یمات ؚرای ادوؚی فل؎ ٟلیر
60Comment[fi]=Adobe Flash Playerin asetukset
61Comment[fr]=Configurer Adobe Flash Player
62Comment[fr_CA]=Configurer Adobe Flash Player
63Comment[gl]=Preferencias para Adobe Flash Player
64Comment[he]=העד׀ות Adobe Flash Player
65Comment[hr]=Postavke za Adobe Flash Player
66Comment[hu]=Beállítások az Adobe Flash Player-höz
67Comment[id]=Pilihan-pilihan untuk Adobe Flash Player
68Comment[it]=Preferenze per Adobe Flash Player
69Comment[ja]=Adobe Flash Playerを蚭定したす
70Comment[ko]=Adobe Flash Player 환겜 섀정
71Comment[lv]=Iestatījumi priekš Adobe Flash Player
72Comment[mn]=АЎПбе флаш тПглуулагчОйМ сПМгПлтууЎ
73Comment[nb]=Brukervalg for Adobe Flash Player
74Comment[nl]=Voorkeuren voor Adobe Flash Player
75Comment[pl]=Preferencje dla odtwarzacza Adobe Flash
76Comment[pt]=Preferências para a Adobe Flash Player
77Comment[pt_BR]=Preferências do Adobe Flash Player
78Comment[ro]=Preferințe pentru Adobe Flash Player
79Comment[ru]=НастрПйкО Ўля Adobe Flash Player
80Comment[sk]=PredvoÄŸby pre Adobe Flash Player
81Comment[sr]=Podešavanja za Adobe Flash Player
82Comment[sv]=InstÀllningar för Adobe Flash Player
83Comment[tg]=ХусусОятҳП барПО плеерО Adobe Flash
84Comment[tr]=Adobe Flash Player için tercihleriniz
85Comment[uk]=НалаштуваММя Ўля Adobe Flash Player
86Comment[vi]= Sở thích của Adobe Flash Player
87Comment[zh_CN]=Adobe Flash Player的偏奜讟眮
88Comment[zh_HK]=蚭定 Adobe Flash Player 的䜿甚偏奜
89Comment[zh_TW]=蚭定Adobe Flash Player的䜿甚偏奜
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