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Get the mountTray saving/loading it's settings properly, and integrate those settings with the new Settings dlialog. You can now turn the disk space watcher off/on and set the refresh times/flags within the settings dialog.

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2  <qresource>
3    <file>icons/usb.png</file>
4    <file>icons/dvd.png</file>
5    <file>icons/sdcard.png</file>
6    <file>icons/CDdevices.png</file>
7    <file>icons/CDdevices-inactive.png</file>
8    <file>icons/folder.png</file>
9    <file>icons/application-exit.png</file>
10    <file>icons/eject.png</file>
11    <file>icons/mount.png</file>
12    <file>icons/musiccd.png</file>
13    <file>icons/harddrive.png</file>
14    <file>icons/refresh.png</file>
15    <file>icons/config.png</file>
16    <file>icons/checkmark.png</file>
17  </qresource>
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