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[1620346]1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
[07abb6c]3<TS version="2.0">
[e4e00b0]5    <name>TrayUI</name>
[07abb6c]6    <message>
[e4e00b0]7        <source>Start the Update Manager</source>
8        <translation type="unfinished">Paleisti naujinimų tvarkytuvę</translation>
[07abb6c]9    </message>
10    <message>
[e4e00b0]11        <source>Start the Package Manager</source>
12        <translation type="unfinished">
13            </translation>
[07abb6c]14    </message>
15    <message>
[e4e00b0]16        <source>Start the AppCafe</source>
17        <translation type="unfinished">
18            </translation>
[07abb6c]19    </message>
20    <message>
[e4e00b0]21        <source>Start the Warden</source>
22        <translation type="unfinished">
23            </translation>
[07abb6c]24    </message>
25    <message>
[e4e00b0]26        <source>Check For Updates</source>
[dc9cbb9]27        <translation type="unfinished">
28            </translation>
[07abb6c]29    </message>
30    <message>
[e4e00b0]31        <source>Run At Startup</source>
[dc9cbb9]32        <translation type="unfinished">
33            </translation>
[07abb6c]34    </message>
35    <message>
[e4e00b0]36        <source>Display Notifications</source>
[dc9cbb9]37        <translation type="unfinished">
38            </translation>
[07abb6c]39    </message>
40    <message>
[e4e00b0]41        <source>Quit</source>
[07abb6c]42        <translation type="unfinished">
43            </translation>
44    </message>
45    <message>
[e4e00b0]46        <source>System Reboot Required</source>
[dc9cbb9]47        <translation type="unfinished">
48            </translation>
[07abb6c]49    </message>
50    <message>
51        <source>System Updates Available</source>
52        <translation type="unfinished">
53            </translation>
54    </message>
55    <message>
[e4e00b0]56        <source>Package Updates Available</source>
[07abb6c]57        <translation type="unfinished">
58            </translation>
59    </message>
60    <message>
[e4e00b0]61        <source>PBI Updates Available</source>
[dc9cbb9]62        <translation type="unfinished">
63            </translation>
[07abb6c]64    </message>
65    <message>
[e4e00b0]66        <source>Jail Updates Available</source>
[07abb6c]67        <translation type="unfinished">
68            </translation>
69    </message>
70    <message>
[e4e00b0]71        <source>PC-BSD System Message</source>
[dc9cbb9]72        <translation type="unfinished">
73            </translation>
[07abb6c]74    </message>
75    <message>
[e4e00b0]76        <source>PC-BSD Update Manager</source>
77        <translation type="unfinished">PC-BSD naujinimų tvarkytuvė</translation>
[07abb6c]78    </message>
79    <message>
[e4e00b0]80        <source>Error checking for updates</source>
[dc9cbb9]81        <translation type="unfinished">
82            </translation>
[07abb6c]83    </message>
84    <message>
[e4e00b0]85        <source>Please make sure you have a working internet connection</source>
[dc9cbb9]86        <translation type="unfinished">
87            </translation>
[07abb6c]88    </message>
89    <message>
[e4e00b0]90        <source>Your system is fully updated</source>
91        <translation type="unfinished">JÅ«sų sistema pilnai atnaujinta.</translation>
[07abb6c]92    </message>
93    <message>
[e4e00b0]94        <source>Checking for system updates...</source>
[dc9cbb9]95        <translation type="unfinished">
96            </translation>
[07abb6c]97    </message>
98    <message>
[e4e00b0]99        <source>System Updating...</source>
[dc9cbb9]100        <translation type="unfinished">
101            </translation>
[07abb6c]102    </message>
103    <message>
[e4e00b0]104        <source>Checking for package updates...</source>
[dc9cbb9]105        <translation type="unfinished">
106            </translation>
[07abb6c]107    </message>
108    <message>
[e4e00b0]109        <source>Packages Updating...</source>
[dc9cbb9]110        <translation type="unfinished">
111            </translation>
[07abb6c]112    </message>
113    <message>
[e4e00b0]114        <source>Checking for jail updates...</source>
[dc9cbb9]115        <translation type="unfinished">
116            </translation>
[07abb6c]117    </message>
118    <message>
[e4e00b0]119        <source>Jails Updating...</source>
[dc9cbb9]120        <translation type="unfinished">
121            </translation>
[07abb6c]122    </message>
123    <message>
[e4e00b0]124        <source>Checking for PBI updates</source>
[dc9cbb9]125        <translation type="unfinished">
126            </translation>
[07abb6c]127    </message>
128    <message>
[e4e00b0]129        <source>PBI Updating...</source>
[dc9cbb9]130        <translation type="unfinished">
131            </translation>
[07abb6c]132    </message>
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