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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3<TS version="2.0">
5    <name>DialogFSProp</name>
6    <message>
7        <source>Dialog</source>
8        <translation>Dialoog</translation>
9    </message>
10    <message>
11        <source>Apply changes recursively to all descendants</source>
12        <translation>Rakenda muudatused rekursiivselt allapoole</translation>
13    </message>
14    <message>
15        <source>Property</source>
16        <translation>VÀli</translation>
17    </message>
18    <message>
19        <source>Value</source>
20        <translation>VÀÀrtus</translation>
21    </message>
22    <message>
23        <source>Source</source>
24        <translation>Allikas</translation>
25    </message>
26    <message>
27        <source>Add user property</source>
28        <translation>Lisa kasutaja vÀli</translation>
29    </message>
30    <message>
31        <source>...</source>
32        <translation>...</translation>
33    </message>
34    <message>
35        <source>Remove user property</source>
36        <translation>Eemalda kasutaja vÀli</translation>
37    </message>
38    <message>
39        <source>Inherit from parent</source>
40        <translation>PÀri vanemalt</translation>
41    </message>
42    <message>
43        <source>Revert changes</source>
44        <translation>Pööra muudatused tagasi</translation>
45    </message>
46    <message>
47        <source>Controls how ACL entries are inherited when files and directories are created. The values are
48discard, noallow, restricted, and passthrough. For a description of these values, see ACL Properties.</source>
49        <translation>MÀÀrab, kuidas ACL-i kirjed pÀritakse, siis kui faile ja kaustu luuakse. Võimalikud valikud on
50discard, noallow, restricted ja passthrough. Nende valikute kirjeldused on olemas ACL-i vÀljade juures.</translation>
51    </message>
52    <message>
53        <source>Controls how an ACL entry is modified during a chmod operation.
54The values are discard, groupmask, and passthrough. For a description of
55these values, see ACL Properties.</source>
56        <translation>MÀÀrab, kuidas ACL-i kirjeid chmod-i kaudu muudetakse.
57Võimalikud valikud on discard, groupmask ja passthrough.Nende valikute kirjeldused on olemas ACL-i vÀljade juures.</translation>
58    </message>
59    <message>
60        <source>Controls whether the access time for files is updated when they are read.
61Turning this property off avoids producing write traffic when reading files and
62can result in significant performance gains, though it might confuse mailers and
63similar utilities.</source>
64        <translation>MÀÀrab, kas failide ligipÀÀsu aega uuendatakse, kui neid loetakse.
65Selle vÀljalÌlitamine vÀhendab kirjutamistega seotud võrguliiklust ja võib
66jõudlust oluliselt parandada, kuid võib segadusse ajada meiliprogramme ja
67muid sarnaseid programme.</translation>
68    </message>
69    <message>
70        <source>Read-only property that identifies the amount of disk space available to a dataset
71and all its children, assuming no other activity in the pool. Because disk space is
72shared within a pool, available space can be limited by various factors including
73physical pool size, quotas, reservations, and other datasets within the pool.</source>
74        <translation>Kirjutuskaitsega vÀli, mis nÀitab andmekogule ja selle alamatele kÀttesaadavat
75kettaruumi arvestamata muid tegevusi salvestusruumis. Kuna kettaruum
76on salvestusruumis jagatud, siis võib kÀttesaadav ruum olla piiratud fÌÌsilise
77ketta suuruse tõttu, samuti kvootide, reserveeritud ruumi ja teiste andmekogude
79    </message>
80    <message>
81        <source>If this property is set to off, the file system cannot be mounted,
82and is ignored by &apos;zfs mount -a&apos;.  Setting this property to off is
83similar to setting the mountpoint property to none, except that the
84dataset still has a normal mountpoint property, which can be inherited
85Setting this property to off allows datasets to be used solely as a
86mechanism to inherit properties. One example of setting canmount=off is
87to have two datasets with the same mountpoint, so that the children of
88both datasets appear in the same directory, but might have different
89inherited characteristics.</source>
90        <translation>Kui see on vÀlja lÃŒlitatud, siis ei saa failisÃŒsteemi haakida, samuti ei
91mõju sellele kÀsk &quot;zfs mount -a&quot;. VÀlja lÌlitamisel on sarnane mõju,
92kui mÀÀrata haakepunkti vÀljale vÀÀrtus &quot;none&quot;, ainult et andmekogul
93on endiselt tavaline haakepunkti vÀli, mida on võimalik pÀrida.
94VÀlja lÌlitamine lubab andmekogusid kasutada ainuÌksi vÀljade
95edasi pÀrandamise mehhanismina. Haakimise vÀljalÌlitamisel on
96võimalik omada kahte andmekogu sama haakepunktiga nii, et mõlemad
97andmekogud ilmuvad samas kaustas, kuid neil on erinevad pÀritud
99    </message>
100    <message>
101        <source>Controls the checksum used to verify data integrity. The default
102value is on, which automatically selects an appropriate algorithm
103(currently, fletcher4, but this may change in future releases). The
104value off disables integrity checking on user data. Disabling
105checksums is NOT a recommended practice.</source>
106        <translation>MÀÀrab, millist kontrollsummat kasutada andmete õigsuse kontrollimiseks. Vaikimisi
107on see vÀli sisse lÌlitatud (on), mis tÀhendab, et sobilik algoritm valitakse automaatselt
108(hetkel fletcher4, aga see võib tulevikus muutuda). VÀlja lÌlitades ei kontrollita andmete
109õigsust. Kontrollsummade vÀlja lÌlitamine EI OLE soovitatav.</translation>
110    </message>
111    <message>
112        <source>Enables or disables compression for a dataset. The values are on, off, lzjb, zle, gzip,
113and gzip-N. Currently, setting this property to lzjb, gzip, or gzip-N has the same
114effect as setting this property to on. Enabling compression on a file system with
115existing data only compresses new data. Existing data remains uncompressed.</source>
116        <translation>LÃŒlitab sisse või vÀlja andmekogu andmete pakkimise. Võimalikud vÀÀrtused:on, off, lzjb, zle, gzip, gzip-N. Hetkel on valikud lzjb, gzip ja gzip-N sama mõjuga kui on.
117Andmete pakkimise sisselÃŒlitamisel failisÃŒsteemis, kus on juba andmeid, pakitakse
118kokku ainult uued andmed. Olemasolevaid andmeid ei pakita kokku.</translation>
119    </message>
120    <message>
121        <source>Read-only property that identifies the compression ratio achieved for a dataset,
122expressed as a multiplier. Compression can be enabled by the zfs set compression=on
123dataset command. The value is calculated from the logical size of all files and the
124amount of referenced physical data. It includes explicit savings through the use of
125the compression property.</source>
126        <translation>Kirjutuskaitsega vÀli, mis nÀitab selle andmekogu andmete pakkimise tihedust.
127Pakkimise saab sisse lÌlitada kÀsuga &quot;zfs set compression=on&quot;.
128VÀÀrtus vÀljendab viidatud failide loogilise ja fÌÌsilise suuruse suhet.
129Selle hulka kuulub pakkimisest otseselt võidetud kettaruum.</translation>
130    </message>
131    <message>
132        <source>Sets the number of copies of user data per file system. These copies
133are in addition to any pool-level redundancy. Disk space used by
134multiple copies of user data is charged to the corresponding file and
135dataset, and counts against quotas and reservations. In addition, the
136used property is updated when multiple copies are enabled. Consider setting
137this property when the file system is created because changing this property
138on an existing file system only affects newly written data.</source>
139        <translation type="unfinished">MÀÀrab, mitu koopiat failisÃŒsteemi kohta tehakse kasutaja andmetest.
140Need koopiad tehakse lisaks salvestusruumi tasemel tehtud koopiatele.
142    </message>
143    <message>
144        <source>Read-only property that identifies the date and time that a dataset was created.</source>
145        <translation>Kirjutuskaitsega vÀli, mis nÀitab kuupÀeva ja kellaaega, millal andmekogu loodi.</translation>
146    </message>
147    <message>
148        <source>Configures deduplication for a dataset. The default value is off.
149The default deduplication checksum is sha256 (this may change in the
150future).  When dedup is enabled, the checksum defined here overrides
151the checksum property. Setting the value to verify has the same
152effect as the setting sha256,verify.
153If set to verify, ZFS will do a byte-to-byte comparsion in case of
154two blocks having the same signature to make sure the block contents
155are identical.</source>
156        <translation type="unfinished">
157            </translation>
158    </message>
159    <message>
160        <source>The devices property is currently not supported on FreeBSD.</source>
161        <translation>FreeBSD ei toeta hetkel vÀlja devices.</translation>
162    </message>
163    <message>
164        <source>Controls whether processes can be executed from within this file
165system. The default value is on.</source>
166        <translation>MÀÀrab, kas protsesse on lubatud kÀivitada sellelt failisÃŒsteemilt.
167Vaikimisi on see lubatud.</translation>
168    </message>
169    <message>
170        <source>Read-only property that indicates whether a file system, clone, or snapshot
171is currently mounted.</source>
172        <translation>Kirjutuskaitsega vÀli, mis nÀitab, kas sÃŒsteem, kloon või hetktõmmis onparajasti haagitud.
174    </message>
175    <message>
176        <source>Controls the mount point used for this file system. When the mountpoint property
177is changed for a file system, the file system and any descendents that inherit the
178mount point are unmounted. If the new value is legacy, then they remain unmounted.
179Otherwise, they are automatically remounted in the new location if the property was
180previously legacy or none, or if they were mounted before the property was changed.
181In addition, any shared file systems are unshared and shared in the new location.</source>
182        <translation>MÀÀrab selle failisÃŒsteemi haakepunkti. Kui haakepunkti muudetakse, siis failisÃŒsteem
183ja selle alamad haagitakse lahti. Kui uus vÀÀrtus on legacy, siis jÀÀvad need haakimata.
184Muidu haagitakse need automaatselt uuesti uude asukohta, kui vÀlja vÀÀrtus oli varasemalt
185legacy või none või kui failisÌsteem oli haagitud enne haakepunkti muutmist.
186Lisaks sellele jagatakse jagatud kaustad uues asukohas.</translation>
187    </message>
188    <message>
189        <source>Controls what is cached in the primary cache (ARC). Possible values are all,
190none, and metadata. If set to all, both user data and metadata are cached. If
191set to none, neither user data nor metadata is cached. If set to metadata, only
192metadata is cached.</source>
193        <translation>MÀÀrab, mida hoitakse peamises vahemÀlus (ARC). Võimalikud vÀÀrtused on
194all, none ja metadata. Kui vÀÀrtus on all, siis hoitakse vahemÀlus nii kasutaja
195andmeid kui ka metaandmeid. Kui vÀÀrtus on metadata, siis hoitakse vahemÀlus
196ainult metaandmeid. Kui vÀÀrtus on none, siis ei hoita vahemÀlus ei kasutajate
197andmeid ega metaandmeid.</translation>
198    </message>
199    <message>
200        <source>Read-only property for cloned file systems or volumes that identifies
201the snapshot from which the clone was created. The origin cannot be
202destroyed (even with the -r or -f option) as long as a clone exists.
203Non-cloned file systems have an origin of none.</source>
204        <translation>Kirjutuskaitsega vÀli, mis nÀitab kloonitud failisÃŒsteemide või köidete puhul
205hetktõmmist, mille põhjal kloon loodi. Nii kaua, kuni originaalist on olemas
206kloone, ei saa originaali kustutada (isegi valikutega -r või -f).FailisÌsteemide pÀritolu on none, kui need ei ole kloonitud.</translation>
207    </message>
208    <message>
209        <source>Limits the amount of disk space a dataset and its descendents can consume.
210This property enforces a hard limit on the amount of disk space used,
211including all space consumed by descendents, such as file systems and snapshots.
212Setting a quota on a descendent of a dataset that already has a quota does not
213override the ancestor&apos;s quota, but rather imposes an additional limit.</source>
214        <translation>Piirab kettaruumi, mida andmekogu ja selle jÀrglased kasutada saavad.
215VÀli mÀÀrab range piiri kettaruumi kasutusele, sealhulgas jÀrglastele, nt
216failisÌsteemidele ja hetktõmmistele. Kvoodi mÀÀramine andmekogule,
217millel juba kvoot olemas on, ei kirjuta Ìle kõrgemalt mÀÀratud sÀtteid,
218vaid rakendab kvoodi lisaks olemasolevale.</translation>
219    </message>
220    <message>
221        <source>Controls whether a dataset can be modified. When set to on,
222no modifications can be made.</source>
223        <translation>MÀÀrab selle, kas andmekogusid saab muuta. Kui see vÀli on &quot;on&quot;,
224siis muudatusi teha ei saa.</translation>
225    </message>
226    <message>
227        <source>Specifies a suggested block size for files in the file system. This
228property is designed solely for use with database workloads that
229access files in fixed-size records.  ZFS automatically tunes block
230sizes according to internal algorithms optimized for typical access
232Use of this property for general purpose file systems is strongly
233discouraged, and may adversely affect performance.
234The size specified must be a power of two greater than or equal to
235512 and less than or equal to 128 Kbytes.</source>
236        <translation>MÀÀrab soovitatava ploki suuruse failidele failisÃŒsteemis. See on
237mõeldud ainult andmebaasidele, kus failidele toimub ligipÀÀs
238kindla suurusega plokkide kaupa. ZFS muudab plokkide suurusi
239automaatselt vastavalt sisemiste algoritmide poolt leitud
240tÌÌpilistele kasutusmustritele.
241Üldotstarbeliste sÃŒsteemide jaoks ei ole selle vÀlja kasutamine
242soovitatav. See võib jõudlusele halvasti mõjuda.
243Ploki suurus peab olema kahe aste ning peab olema vahemikus
244512 baiti ja 128 kilobaiti (kaasa arvatud).</translation>
245    </message>
246    <message>
247        <source>Read-only property that identifies the amount of data accessible by a
248dataset, which might or might not be shared with other datasets in the
250        <translation>Kirjutuskaitsega vÀli, mis nÀitab andmekogule kÀttesaadavate andmete
251mahtu. Need andmed võivad, aga ei pruugi olla jagatud teiste
253    </message>
254    <message>
255        <source>Sets the amount of disk space that a dataset can consume. This property
256enforces a hard limit on the amount of space used. This hard limit does
257not include disk space used by descendents, such as snapshots and clones.</source>
258        <translation>Piirab kettaruumi, mida andmekogu ja selle jÀrglased kasutada saavad.
259VÀli mÀÀrab range piiri kettaruumi kasutusele, kuid sinna alla ei kuulu
260jÀrglased, nt hetktõmmised ja kloonid.</translation>
261    </message>
262    <message>
263        <source>Sets the minimum amount of disk space that is guaranteed to a dataset, not
264including descendents, such as snapshots and clones. When the amount of disk
265space used is below this value, the dataset is treated as if it were taking up
266the amount of space specified by refreservation. The refreservation reservation
267is accounted for in the parent dataset&apos;s disk space used, and counts against
268the parent dataset&apos;s quotas and reservations.
269If refreservation is set, a snapshot is only allowed if enough free pool space
270is available outside of this reservation to accommodate the current number of
271referenced bytes in the dataset.</source>
272        <translation type="unfinished">
273            </translation>
274    </message>
275    <message>
276        <source>Sets the minimum amount of disk space guaranteed to a dataset and its descendents.
277When the amount of disk space used is below this value, the dataset is treated as if
278it were using the amount of space specified by its reservation. Reservations are
279accounted for in the parent dataset&apos;s disk space used, and count against the parent
280dataset&apos;s quotas and reservations.</source>
281        <translation type="unfinished">
282            </translation>
283    </message>
284    <message>
285        <source>Controls what is cached in the secondary cache (L2ARC). Possible values are all, none,
286and metadata. If set to all, both user data and metadata are cached. If set to none,
287neither user data nor metadata is cached. If set to metadata, only metadata is cached.</source>
288        <translation>MÀÀrab, mida hoitakse sekundaarses vahemÀlus (L2ARC). Võimalikud vÀÀrtused on
289all, none ja metadata. Kui vÀÀrtus on all, siis hoitakse vahemÀlus nii kasutaja
290andmeid kui ka metaandmeid. Kui vÀÀrtus on metadata, siis hoitakse vahemÀlus
291ainult metaandmeid. Kui vÀÀrtus on none, siis ei hoita vahemÀlus ei kasutajate
292andmeid ega metaandmeid.</translation>
293    </message>
294    <message>
295        <source>Controls whether the setuid bit is honored in a file system.</source>
296        <translation>MÀÀrab, kas setuid-bitti failisÃŒsteemis arvestatakse.</translation>
297    </message>
298    <message>
299        <source>Controls whether a file system is available over NFS and what
300options are used. If set to on, the zfs share command is invoked
301with no options. Otherwise, the zfs share command is invoked with
302options equivalent to the contents of this property.</source>
303        <translation>MÀÀrab, kas failisÃŒsteem on kÀttesaadav NFS-i kaudu.
304Kui vÀÀrtus on &quot;on&quot;, siis kÀivitatakse kÀsk &quot;zfs share&quot; ilma
305lisavalikuteta. Vastasel juhul pannakse kÀsu lõppu valikud,
306mis on selle vÀljaga mÀÀratud.</translation>
307    </message>
308    <message>
309        <source>The sharesmb property has currently no effect on FreeBSD.</source>
310        <translation>VÀljal sharesmb ei ole FreeBSD-s mõju.</translation>
311    </message>
312    <message>
313        <source>Controls whether the .zfs directory is hidden or visible in the root of the file system.</source>
314        <translation>MÀÀrab, kas kausta &quot;.zfs&quot; nÀidatakse failisÃŒsteemi juurkaustas.</translation>
315    </message>
316    <message>
317        <source>Read-only property that identifies the dataset type as filesystem (file system or clone), volume, or snapshot.</source>
318        <translation>Kirjutuskaitsega vÀli, mis nÀitab andmekogu tÌÌpi: failisÃŒsteem (failisÃŒsteem või kloon), köide või hetktõmmis.</translation>
319    </message>
320    <message>
321        <source>Read-only property that identifies the amount of disk space consumed by a dataset and all its descendents.</source>
322        <translation>Kirjutuskaitsega vÀli, mis nÀitab andmekogu ja selle jÀrglaste poolt kasutatud kettaruumi.</translation>
323    </message>
324    <message>
325        <source>Read-only property that identifies the amount of disk space that is used by
326children of this dataset, which would be freed if all the dataset&apos;s children
327were destroyed.</source>
328        <translation>Kirjutuskaitsega vÀli, mis nÀitab kettaruumi, mida selle andmekogu alamad
329kasutavad. See on ruum, mida saaks vabastada, kui kõik selle andmekogu
330alamad hÀvitada.</translation>
331    </message>
332    <message>
333        <source>Read-only property that identifies the amount of disk space that is used by
334a dataset itself, which would be freed if the dataset was destroyed, after
335first destroying any snapshots and removing any refreservation reservations.</source>
336        <translation type="unfinished">Kirjutuskaitsega vÀli, mis nÀitab andmekogu poolt kasutatud kettaruumi.
337See on ruum, mida saaks vabastada, kui andmekogu hÀvitada, pÀrast seda,
338kui hetktõmmised eemaldada.</translation>
339    </message>
340    <message>
341        <source>Read-only property that identifies the amount of disk space that is used by a
342refreservation set on a dataset, which would be freed if the refreservation was
344        <translation type="unfinished">
345            </translation>
346    </message>
347    <message>
348        <source>Read-only property that identifies the amount of disk space that is consumed
349by snapshots of a dataset. In particular, it is the amount of disk space that
350would be freed if all of this dataset&apos;s snapshots were destroyed. Note that
351this value is not simply the sum of the snapshots&apos; used properties, because
352space can be shared by multiple snapshots.</source>
353        <translation>Kirjutuskaitsega vÀli, mis nÀitab, kui palju kettaruumi kasutab andmekogu hetktõmmis.
354See on kettaruum, mis vabaneks, kui kõik andmekogu hetktõmmised hÀvitataks.
355See vÀÀrtus ei pruugi olla hetktõmmiste kasutatud kettaruumi vÀljade summa, kuna
356hetktõmmised võivad kettaruumi jagada.</translation>
357    </message>
358    <message>
359        <source>Identifies the on-disk version of a file system, which is independent of the
360pool version. This property can only be set to a later version that is available
361from the supported software release.</source>
362        <translation>MÀÀrab kettal oleva failisÃŒstemi versiooni, mis on sõltumatu salvestusruumi
363versioonist. Selle vÀlja vÀÀrtus peab olema suurem toetatud tarkvara
364vÀljalaske versioonist.</translation>
365    </message>
366    <message>
367        <source>For volumes, specifies the logical size of the volume.</source>
368        <translation type="unfinished">
369            </translation>
370    </message>
371    <message>
372        <source>For volumes, specifies the block size of the volume.</source>
373        <translation type="unfinished">
374            </translation>
375    </message>
376    <message>
377        <source>Indicates whether a dataset has been added to a jail.</source>
378        <translation>NÀitab, kas andmekogu on vanglasse lisatud.</translation>
379    </message>
380    <message>
381        <source>This property is not supported on FreeBSD.</source>
382        <translation>FreeBSD ei toeta seda vÀlja.</translation>
383    </message>
384    <message>
385        <source>The file system is marked to be destroyed after unmount.</source>
386        <translation>FailisÃŒsteem on mÀrgitud hÀvitamiseks pÀrast lahti haakimist.</translation>
387    </message>
388    <message>
389        <source>The compression ratio achieved for the referenced space of this
390dataset, expressed as a multiplier.</source>
391        <translation>Selle andmekogu poolt viidatud andmete pakkimistihedus
392vÀljendatuna kordajana.</translation>
393    </message>
394    <message>
395        <source>The amount of referenced space written to this dataset since the
396previous snapshot.</source>
397        <translation>Viidatud kettaruumi maht, mis on andmekogusse kirjutatud alates
398eelmise hetktõmmise tegemisest.</translation>
399    </message>
400    <message>
401        <source>This property is set to the number of user holds on this snapshot.
403        <translation type="unfinished">
404            </translation>
405    </message>
406    <message>
407        <source>Provide a hint to ZFS about handling of synchronous requests in this
408dataset.  If logbias is set to latency (the default), ZFS will use
409pool log devices (if configured) to handle the requests at low
410latency. If logbias is set to throughput, ZFS will not use configured
411pool log devices.  ZFS will instead optimize synchronous operations
412for global pool throughput and efficient use of resources.</source>
413        <translation type="unfinished">Vihjab ZFS-ile, et selles andmekogus töödeldakse sÃŒnkroonseid pÀringuid.
414Kui vÀlja logbias vÀÀrtus on latency (vaikimisi on), siis kasutab ZFS
415andmekogu logimisseadmeid (kui need on seadistatud), et töödelda
416pÀringuid madala latentsiga. Kui vÀlja logbias vÀÀrtus on throughput,
417siis ei kasuta ZFS seadistatud andmekogu logimisseadmeid. Selle asemel
418optimeerib ZFS sÌnkroonsed tegevused lÀbilaskevõime suurendamiseks
419ja ressursside efektiivseks kasutamseks.</translation>
420    </message>
421    <message>
422        <source>Controls the behavior of synchronous requests (e.g.  fsync(2),
423O_DSYNC). This property accepts the following values:
424standard  This is the POSIX specified behavior of ensuring all
425          synchronous requests are written to stable storage and
426          all devices are flushed to ensure data is not cached by
427          device controllers (this is the default).
428always    All file system transactions are written and flushed
429          before their system calls return. This has a large
430          performance penalty.
431disabled  Disables synchronous requests. File system transactions
432          are only committed to stable storage periodically. This
433          option will give the highest performance.  However, it
434          is very dangerous as ZFS would be ignoring the synchro-
435          nous transaction demands of applications such as data-
436          bases or NFS.  Administrators should only use this
437          option when the risks are understood.</source>
438        <translation type="unfinished">
439            </translation>
440    </message>
441    <message>
442        <source>This property cannot be changed after the system is created.</source>
443        <translation>Seda vÀlja ei saa muuta pÀrast sÃŒsteemi loomist.</translation>
444    </message>
445    <message>
446        <source>User Property</source>
447        <translation>Kasutaja vÀli</translation>
448    </message>
449    <message>
450        <source>Unknown property or information not available.
451Read ZFS manual for more information.</source>
452        <translation>Tundmatu vÀli või ei ole selle kohta infot saadaval.
453Rohkem infot leiab ZFS-i kasutusjuhendist.</translation>
454    </message>
455    <message>
456        <source>[Invalid]</source>
457        <translation>[Vigane]</translation>
458    </message>
459    <message>
460        <source>[Inherit]</source>
461        <translation>[PÀritud]</translation>
462    </message>
463    <message>
464        <source>[Added]</source>
465        <translation>[Lisatud]</translation>
466    </message>
467    <message>
468        <source>[Changed]</source>
469        <translation>[Muudetud]</translation>
470    </message>
471    <message>
472        <source>User property</source>
473        <translation>Kasutaja vÀli</translation>
474    </message>
475    <message>
476        <source>Device Menu</source>
477        <translation>Seadme menÌÌ</translation>
478    </message>
479    <message>
480        <source>Add new user property</source>
481        <translation>Lisa uus kasutaja vÀli</translation>
482    </message>
483    <message>
484        <source>Delete user property</source>
485        <translation>Kustuta kasutaja vÀli</translation>
486    </message>
489    <name>DialogMount</name>
490    <message>
491        <source>Dialog</source>
492        <translation>Dialoog</translation>
493    </message>
494    <message>
495        <source>Device to mount:</source>
496        <translation>Seade, mida haakida:</translation>
497    </message>
498    <message>
499        <source>(Device)</source>
500        <translation>(Seade)</translation>
501    </message>
502    <message>
503        <source>Mount location:</source>
504        <translation>Haakimise asukoht:</translation>
505    </message>
506    <message>
507        <source>...</source>
508        <translation>...</translation>
509    </message>
510    <message>
511        <source>Select Directory</source>
512        <translation>Vali kaust</translation>
513    </message>
516    <name>DialogName</name>
517    <message>
518        <source>Dialog</source>
519        <translation>Dialoog</translation>
520    </message>
521    <message>
522        <source>Pool name:</source>
523        <translation>Salvestusruumi nimi:</translation>
524    </message>
525    <message>
526        <source>Do not mount any filesystems</source>
527        <translation>Ära haagi ÃŒhtegi failisÃŒsteemi</translation>
528    </message>
529    <message>
530        <source>Read only pool</source>
531        <translation>Kirjutuskaitsega salvestusruum</translation>
532    </message>
533    <message>
534        <source>Import options:</source>
535        <translation>Importimise valikud:</translation>
536    </message>
537    <message>
538        <source>Mount with alternative root:</source>
539        <translation type="unfinished">Haagi alternatiivse juurkaustaga:</translation>
540    </message>
541    <message>
542        <source>Mount all filesystems automatically</source>
543        <translation>Haagi kõik failisÃŒsteemid automaatselt</translation>
544    </message>
545    <message>
546        <source>Mounting behavior:</source>
547        <translation>KÀitumine haakimisel:</translation>
548    </message>
549    <message>
550        <source>Force operation if error (use with caution)</source>
551        <translation>Vii tegevus vea korral lõpuni (kasuta ettevaatlikult)</translation>
552    </message>
555    <name>DialogNewPool</name>
556    <message>
557        <source>Dialog</source>
558        <translation>Dialoog</translation>
559    </message>
560    <message>
561        <source>Selected</source>
562        <translation>Valitud</translation>
563    </message>
564    <message>
565        <source>Pool name:</source>
566        <translation>Salvestusruumi nimi:</translation>
567    </message>
568    <message>
569        <source>Configuration type:</source>
570        <translation>Seadistamise tÌÌp:</translation>
571    </message>
572    <message>
573        <source>Striped</source>
574        <translation type="unfinished">
575            </translation>
576    </message>
577    <message>
578        <source>Mirror</source>
579        <translation>Peegel</translation>
580    </message>
581    <message>
582        <source>Raid-Z (single parity)</source>
583        <translation type="unfinished">Raid-Z (ÃŒhekordne paarsus)</translation>
584    </message>
585    <message>
586        <source>Raid-Z2 (double parity)</source>
587        <translation>Raid-Z2 (topeltpaarsus)            </translation>
588    </message>
589    <message>
590        <source>Raid-Z3 (triple parity)</source>
591        <translation>Raid-Z3 (kolmekordne paarsus)</translation>
592    </message>
593    <message>
594        <source>Cache</source>
595        <translation>VahemÀlu</translation>
596    </message>
597    <message>
598        <source>Log</source>
599        <translation type="unfinished">
600            </translation>
601    </message>
602    <message>
603        <source>Spare</source>
604        <translation>Varu</translation>
605    </message>
606    <message>
607        <source>Error Description Here</source>
608        <translation>Vea kirjeldus siia</translation>
609    </message>
610    <message>
611        <source>Must provide a valid pool name</source>
612        <translation type="unfinished">
613            </translation>
614    </message>
615    <message>
616        <source>Must select exactly %1 devices</source>
617        <translation>Valida tuleb tÀpselt %1 seadet</translation>
618    </message>
619    <message>
620        <source>Must select at least one device</source>
621        <translation>Valida tuleb vÀhemalt ÃŒks seade</translation>
622    </message>
625    <name>DialogPartition</name>
626    <message>
627        <source>Add Partition</source>
628        <translation>Lisa partitsioon</translation>
629    </message>
630    <message>
631        <source>Add new slice/partition</source>
632        <translation type="unfinished">Lisa uus lõik/partitsioon</translation>
633    </message>
634    <message>
635        <source>100 GB</source>
636        <translation>100 GB</translation>
637    </message>
638    <message>
639        <source>Device:</source>
640        <translation>Seade:</translation>
641    </message>
642    <message>
643        <source>ada0</source>
644        <translation>ada0</translation>
645    </message>
646    <message>
647        <source>Largest available free block:</source>
648        <translation>Suurim kÀttesaadav vaba plokk:</translation>
649    </message>
650    <message>
651        <source>Total Size:</source>
652        <translation>Suurus kokku:</translation>
653    </message>
654    <message>
655        <source>Current layout:</source>
656        <translation type="unfinished">
657            </translation>
658    </message>
659    <message>
660        <source>Designation</source>
661        <translation type="unfinished">
662            </translation>
663    </message>
664    <message>
665        <source>Start Sector</source>
666        <translation>Algussektor</translation>
667    </message>
668    <message>
669        <source>Sector Count</source>
670        <translation>Sektoreid</translation>
671    </message>
672    <message>
673        <source>Size</source>
674        <translation>Suurus</translation>
675    </message>
676    <message>
677        <source>Color</source>
678        <translation type="unfinished">VÀrv</translation>
679    </message>
680    <message>
681        <source>New partition Size:</source>
682        <translation>Uue partitsiooni suurus:</translation>
683    </message>
684    <message>
685        <source>bytes</source>
686        <translation>baiti</translation>
687    </message>
688    <message>
689        <source>kB</source>
690        <translation>kB</translation>
691    </message>
692    <message>
693        <source>MB</source>
694        <translation>MB</translation>
695    </message>
696    <message>
697        <source>GB</source>
698        <translation>GB</translation>
699    </message>
700    <message>
701        <source>TB</source>
702        <translation>TB</translation>
703    </message>
704    <message>
705        <source>Partition type:</source>
706        <translation>Partitsiooni tÌÌp:</translation>
707    </message>
708    <message>
709        <source>freebsd-zfs</source>
710        <translation>freebsd-zfs</translation>
711    </message>
712    <message>
713        <source>freebsd-ufs</source>
714        <translation>freebsd-ufs</translation>
715    </message>
716    <message>
717        <source>freebsd</source>
718        <translation>freebsd</translation>
719    </message>
720    <message>
721        <source>freebsd-boot</source>
722        <translation>freebsd-boot</translation>
723    </message>
724    <message>
725        <source>freebsd-swap</source>
726        <translation>freebsd-swap</translation>
727    </message>
728    <message>
729        <source>bios-boot</source>
730        <translation>bios-boot</translation>
731    </message>
732    <message>
733        <source>efi</source>
734        <translation>efi</translation>
735    </message>
736    <message>
737        <source>Create and initialize a new filesystem</source>
738        <translation>Loo ja vorminda uus failisÃŒsteem</translation>
739    </message>
740    <message>
741        <source>** FREE **</source>
742        <translation>** VABA **</translation>
743    </message>
744    <message>
745        <source>No free space!</source>
746        <translation>Vaba ruumi ei ole!</translation>
747    </message>
750    <name>DialogProp</name>
751    <message>
752        <source>Edit Pool Properties</source>
753        <translation>Muuda salvestusruumi vÀljasid</translation>
754    </message>
755    <message>
756        <source>Property</source>
757        <translation>VÀli</translation>
758    </message>
759    <message>
760        <source>Value</source>
761        <translation>VÀÀrtus</translation>
762    </message>
763    <message>
764        <source>Total size of the storage pool.</source>
765        <translation>Salvestusruumi kogumaht.</translation>
766    </message>
767    <message>
768        <source>Percentage of pool space used.</source>
769        <translation>Salvestusruumi kasutus protsentuaalselt.</translation>
770    </message>
771    <message>
772        <source>Alternate root directory. If set, this directory is prepended to any
773mount points within the pool. This can be used when examining an
774unknown pool where the mount points cannot be trusted, or in an
775alternate boot environment, where the typical paths are not valid.
776altroot is not a persistent property. It is valid only while the
777system is up.  Setting altroot defaults to using cachefile=none, though
778this may be overridden using an explicit setting.</source>
779        <translation type="unfinished">
780            </translation>
781    </message>
782    <message>
783        <source>The current health of the pool.</source>
784        <translation>Salvestusruumi hetkeseisund.</translation>
785    </message>
786    <message>
787        <source>A unique identifier for the pool.</source>
788        <translation>Salvestusruumi unikaalne identifikaator.</translation>
789    </message>
790    <message>
791        <source>The current on-disk version of the pool. This can be increased, but
792never decreased. The preferred method of updating pools is with the
793&quot;zpool upgrade&quot; command, though this property can be used when a
794specific version is needed for backwards compatibility. This property
795can be any number between 1 and the current version reported by
796&quot;zpool upgrade -v&quot;.</source>
797        <translation>Salvestusruumi hetkel kettal olev versioon. Seda saab suuurendada, aga
798mitte kunagi vÀhendada. Salvestusruume uuendatakse eelistatult kÀsuga
799&quot;zpool upgrade&quot;, kuigi seda vÀlja saab kasutada siis, kui tagasiÌhilduvuseks
800on vaja kindlat versiooni. Selle vÀlja vÀÀrtus on vahemikus 1 kuni vÀÀrtus,
801mille tagastab &quot;zpool upgrade -v&quot;.</translation>
802    </message>
803    <message>
804        <source>Identifies the default bootable dataset for the root pool. This
805property is expected to be set mainly by the installation and upgrade
807        <translation type="unfinished">
808            </translation>
809    </message>
810    <message>
811        <source>Controls whether a non-privileged user is granted access based on the
812dataset permissions defined on the dataset. See zfs(8) for more
813information on ZFS delegated administration.</source>
814        <translation type="unfinished">
815            </translation>
816    </message>
817    <message>
818        <source>Controls automatic device replacement. If set to &quot;off&quot;, device
819replacement must be initiated by the administrator by using the
820&quot;zpool replace&quot; command. If set to &quot;on&quot;, any new device, found in the
821same physical location as a device that previously belonged to the
822pool, is automatically formatted and replaced. The default behavior
823is &quot;off&quot;.  This property can also be referred to by its shortened
824column name, &quot;replace&quot;.</source>
825        <translation type="unfinished">
826            </translation>
827    </message>
828    <message>
829        <source>Controls whether information about snapshots associated with this
830pool is output when &quot;zfs list&quot; is run without the -t option. The
831default value is off.</source>
832        <translation type="unfinished">
833            </translation>
834    </message>
835    <message>
836        <source>Controls automatic pool expansion when the underlying LUN is grown.
837If set to &quot;on&quot;, the pool will be resized according to the size of the
838expanded device. If the device is part of a mirror or raidz then all
839devices within that mirror/raidz group must be expanded before the
840new space is made available to the pool. The default behavior is
841&quot;off&quot;.  This property can also be referred to by its shortened column
842name, expand.</source>
843        <translation type="unfinished">
844            </translation>
845    </message>
846    <message>
847        <source>Threshold for the number of block ditto copies. If the reference
848count for a deduplicated block increases above this number, a new
849ditto copy of this block is automatically stored. Default setting is
851        <translation type="unfinished">
852            </translation>
853    </message>
854    <message>
855        <source>The deduplication ratio specified for a pool, expressed as a multiplier. For
856example, a value of 1.76 indicates that 1.76 units of data were stored but
857only 1 unit of disk space was actually consumed. See zfs(8) for a description
858of the deduplication feature.</source>
859        <translation type="unfinished">
860            </translation>
861    </message>
862    <message>
863        <source>Number of blocks within the pool that are not allocated.</source>
864        <translation type="unfinished">
865            </translation>
866    </message>
867    <message>
868        <source>Amount of storage space within the pool that has been physically allocated.</source>
869        <translation type="unfinished">
870            </translation>
871    </message>
872    <message>
873        <source>An arbitrary comment string set by the administrator.</source>
874        <translation type="unfinished">
875            </translation>
876    </message>
877    <message>
878        <source>This property has currently no value on FreeBSD.</source>
879        <translation type="unfinished">
880            </translation>
881    </message>
882    <message>
883        <source>Controls the location of where the pool configuration is cached.
884Discovering all pools on system startup requires a cached copy of the
885configuration data that is stored on the root file system. All pools
886in this cache are automatically imported when the system boots. Some
887environments, such as install and clustering, need to cache this
888information in a different location so that pools are not automatically
889imported. Setting this property caches the pool configuration
890in a different location that can later be imported with &quot;zpool import
891-c&quot;.  Setting it to the special value &quot;none&quot; creates a temporary pool
892that is never cached, and the special value &apos;&apos; (empty string) uses
893the default location.</source>
894        <translation type="unfinished">
895            </translation>
896    </message>
897    <message>
898        <source>If set to on, pool will be imported in read-only mode with the
899following restrictions:
900  *   Synchronous data in the intent log will not be accessible
901  *   Properties of the pool can not be changed
902  *   Datasets of this pool can only be mounted read-only
903  *   To write to a read-only pool, a export and import of the pool
904      is required.
906        <translation type="unfinished">
907            </translation>
908    </message>
909    <message>
910        <source>Controls the system behavior in the event of catastrophic pool failure
911This condition is typically a result of a loss of connectivity
912to the underlying storage device(s) or a failure of all devices
913within the pool. The behavior of such an event is determined as follows
915Blocks all I/O access until the device connectivity is recovered
916and the errors are cleared. This is the default behavior
918Returns EIO to any new write I/O requests but allows reads to
919any of the remaining healthy devices. Any write requests that
920have yet to be committed to disk would be blocked.
923Prints out a message to the console and generates a system
924crash dump.
926        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
927    </message>
930    <name>DialogfsCreate</name>
931    <message>
932        <source>New Filesystem</source>
933        <translation type="unfinished">
934            </translation>
935    </message>
936    <message>
937        <source>Name:</source>
938        <translation type="unfinished">
939            </translation>
940    </message>
941    <message>
942        <source>Properties override at creation time:</source>
943        <translation type="unfinished">
944            </translation>
945    </message>
946    <message>
947        <source>Prevent auto mount (canmount=noauto)</source>
948        <translation type="unfinished">
949            </translation>
950    </message>
951    <message>
952        <source>Mountpoint</source>
953        <translation type="unfinished">
954            </translation>
955    </message>
956    <message>
957        <source>none</source>
958        <translation type="unfinished">
959            </translation>
960    </message>
961    <message>
962        <source>legacy</source>
963        <translation type="unfinished">
964            </translation>
965    </message>
966    <message>
967        <source>[path]</source>
968        <translation type="unfinished">
969            </translation>
970    </message>
971    <message>
972        <source>Force UTF-8 only (utf8only=on)</source>
973        <translation type="unfinished">
974            </translation>
975    </message>
976    <message>
977        <source>Unicode normalization =</source>
978        <translation type="unfinished">
979            </translation>
980    </message>
981    <message>
982        <source>formD</source>
983        <translation type="unfinished">
984            </translation>
985    </message>
986    <message>
987        <source>formKCF</source>
988        <translation type="unfinished">
989            </translation>
990    </message>
991    <message>
992        <source>Copies =</source>
993        <translation type="unfinished">
994            </translation>
995    </message>
996    <message>
997        <source>Deduplication (dedup=on)</source>
998        <translation type="unfinished">
999            </translation>
1000    </message>
1001    <message>
1002        <source>Compression =</source>
1003        <translation type="unfinished">
1004            </translation>
1005    </message>
1006    <message>
1007        <source>off</source>
1008        <translation type="unfinished">
1009            </translation>
1010    </message>
1011    <message>
1012        <source>on</source>
1013        <translation type="unfinished">
1014            </translation>
1015    </message>
1016    <message>
1017        <source>lzjb</source>
1018        <translation type="unfinished">
1019            </translation>
1020    </message>
1021    <message>
1022        <source>zle</source>
1023        <translation type="unfinished">
1024            </translation>
1025    </message>
1026    <message>
1027        <source>gzip</source>
1028        <translation type="unfinished">
1029            </translation>
1030    </message>
1031    <message>
1032        <source>gzip-1</source>
1033        <translation type="unfinished">
1034            </translation>
1035    </message>
1036    <message>
1037        <source>gzip-2</source>
1038        <translation type="unfinished">
1039            </translation>
1040    </message>
1041    <message>
1042        <source>gzip-3</source>
1043        <translation type="unfinished">
1044            </translation>
1045    </message>
1046    <message>
1047        <source>gzip-4</source>
1048        <translation type="unfinished">
1049            </translation>
1050    </message>
1051    <message>
1052        <source>gzip-5</source>
1053        <translation type="unfinished">
1054            </translation>
1055    </message>
1056    <message>
1057        <source>gzip-6</source>
1058        <translation type="unfinished">
1059            </translation>
1060    </message>
1061    <message>
1062        <source>gzip-7</source>
1063        <translation type="unfinished">
1064            </translation>
1065    </message>
1066    <message>
1067        <source>gzip-8</source>
1068        <translation type="unfinished">
1069            </translation>
1070    </message>
1071    <message>
1072        <source>gzip-9</source>
1073        <translation type="unfinished">
1074            </translation>
1075    </message>
1078    <name>ZManagerWindow</name>
1079    <message>
1080        <source>PCBSD Disk Manager</source>
1081        <translation type="unfinished">
1082            </translation>
1083    </message>
1084    <message>
1085        <source>Disks</source>
1086        <translation type="unfinished">
1087            </translation>
1088    </message>
1089    <message>
1090        <source>Device</source>
1091        <translation type="unfinished">
1092            </translation>
1093    </message>
1094    <message>
1095        <source>State</source>
1096        <translation type="unfinished">
1097            </translation>
1098    </message>
1099    <message>
1100        <source>ZFS Pools</source>
1101        <translation type="unfinished">
1102            </translation>
1103    </message>
1104    <message>
1105        <source>Pool Name</source>
1106        <translation type="unfinished">
1107            </translation>
1108    </message>
1109    <message>
1110        <source>Status:</source>
1111        <translation type="unfinished">
1112            </translation>
1113    </message>
1114    <message>
1115        <source>TextLabel</source>
1116        <translation type="unfinished">
1117            </translation>
1118    </message>
1119    <message>
1120        <source>Clear Error</source>
1121        <translation type="unfinished">
1122            </translation>
1123    </message>
1124    <message>
1125        <source>poolname</source>
1126        <translation type="unfinished">
1127            </translation>
1128    </message>
1129    <message>
1130        <source>ZFS Filesystems</source>
1131        <translation type="unfinished">
1132            </translation>
1133    </message>
1134    <message>
1135        <source>Filesystems</source>
1136        <translation type="unfinished">
1137            </translation>
1138    </message>
1139    <message>
1140        <source>Status</source>
1141        <translation type="unfinished">
1142            </translation>
1143    </message>
1144    <message>
1145        <source>Refreshing...</source>
1146        <translation type="unfinished">
1147            </translation>
1148    </message>
1149    <message>
1150        <source>No pools available, right click to create a new one...</source>
1151        <translation type="unfinished">
1152            </translation>
1153    </message>
1154    <message>
1155        <source> (No media in drive)</source>
1156        <translation type="unfinished">
1157            </translation>
1158    </message>
1159    <message>
1160        <source>Avaliable</source>
1161        <translation type="unfinished">
1162            </translation>
1163    </message>
1164    <message>
1165        <source>No disk</source>
1166        <translation type="unfinished">
1167            </translation>
1168    </message>
1169    <message>
1170        <source>ZPool: </source>
1171        <translation type="unfinished">
1172            </translation>
1173    </message>
1174    <message>
1175        <source>Sliced</source>
1176        <translation type="unfinished">
1177            </translation>
1178    </message>
1179    <message>
1180        <source>Mounted: </source>
1181        <translation type="unfinished">
1182            </translation>
1183    </message>
1184    <message>
1185        <source>Available</source>
1186        <translation type="unfinished">
1187            </translation>
1188    </message>
1189    <message>
1190        <source>Unmounted</source>
1191        <translation type="unfinished">
1192            </translation>
1193    </message>
1194    <message>
1195        <source>Partitioned</source>
1196        <translation type="unfinished">
1197            </translation>
1198    </message>
1199    <message>
1200        <source>(Exported)
1202        <translation type="unfinished">
1203            </translation>
1204    </message>
1205    <message>
1206        <source>(Destroyed)
1208        <translation type="unfinished">
1209            </translation>
1210    </message>
1211    <message>
1212        <source>Offline</source>
1213        <translation type="unfinished">
1214            </translation>
1215    </message>
1216    <message>
1217        <source>Online</source>
1218        <translation type="unfinished">
1219            </translation>
1220    </message>
1221    <message>
1222        <source>Degraded</source>
1223        <translation type="unfinished">
1224            </translation>
1225    </message>
1226    <message>
1227        <source>Faulted</source>
1228        <translation type="unfinished">
1229            </translation>
1230    </message>
1231    <message>
1232        <source>Removed</source>
1233        <translation type="unfinished">
1234            </translation>
1235    </message>
1236    <message>
1237        <source>Unavailable</source>
1238        <translation type="unfinished">
1239            </translation>
1240    </message>
1241    <message>
1242        <source>Unknown</source>
1243        <translation type="unfinished">
1244            </translation>
1245    </message>
1246    <message>
1247        <source>Create new pool</source>
1248        <translation type="unfinished">
1249            </translation>
1250    </message>
1251    <message>
1252        <source>Rename pool</source>
1253        <translation type="unfinished">
1254            </translation>
1255    </message>
1256    <message>
1257        <source>Destroy pool</source>
1258        <translation type="unfinished">
1259            </translation>
1260    </message>
1261    <message>
1262        <source>Add devices...</source>
1263        <translation type="unfinished">
1264            </translation>
1265    </message>
1266    <message>
1267        <source>Add log devices...</source>
1268        <translation type="unfinished">
1269            </translation>
1270    </message>
1271    <message>
1272        <source>Add cache devices...</source>
1273        <translation type="unfinished">
1274            </translation>
1275    </message>
1276    <message>
1277        <source>Add spare devices...</source>
1278        <translation type="unfinished">
1279            </translation>
1280    </message>
1281    <message>
1282        <source>Scrub</source>
1283        <translation type="unfinished">
1284            </translation>
1285    </message>
1286    <message>
1287        <source>Export pool</source>
1288        <translation type="unfinished">
1289            </translation>
1290    </message>
1291    <message>
1292        <source>Import pool</source>
1293        <translation type="unfinished">
1294            </translation>
1295    </message>
1296    <message>
1297        <source>Recover destroyed pool</source>
1298        <translation type="unfinished">
1299            </translation>
1300    </message>
1301    <message>
1302        <source>Properties...</source>
1303        <translation type="unfinished">
1304            </translation>
1305    </message>
1306    <message>
1307        <source>Attach (mirror) device...</source>
1308        <translation type="unfinished">
1309            </translation>
1310    </message>
1311    <message>
1312        <source>Detach from mirror</source>
1313        <translation type="unfinished">
1314            </translation>
1315    </message>
1316    <message>
1317        <source>Take offline</source>
1318        <translation type="unfinished">
1319            </translation>
1320    </message>
1321    <message>
1322        <source>Bring online</source>
1323        <translation type="unfinished">
1324            </translation>
1325    </message>
1326    <message>
1327        <source>Remove</source>
1328        <translation type="unfinished">
1329            </translation>
1330    </message>
1331    <message>
1332        <source>zpool Menu</source>
1333        <translation type="unfinished">
1334            </translation>
1335    </message>
1336    <message>
1337        <source>Device Menu</source>
1338        <translation type="unfinished">
1339            </translation>
1340    </message>
1341    <message>
1342        <source>Unmount</source>
1343        <translation type="unfinished">
1344            </translation>
1345    </message>
1346    <message>
1347        <source>Mount</source>
1348        <translation type="unfinished">
1349            </translation>
1350    </message>
1351    <message>
1352        <source>Create MBR partition table</source>
1353        <translation type="unfinished">
1354            </translation>
1355    </message>
1356    <message>
1357        <source>Create GPT partition table</source>
1358        <translation type="unfinished">
1359            </translation>
1360    </message>
1361    <message>
1362        <source>Create BSD partition table</source>
1363        <translation type="unfinished">
1364            </translation>
1365    </message>
1366    <message>
1367        <source>Delete Partition Table</source>
1368        <translation type="unfinished">
1369            </translation>
1370    </message>
1371    <message>
1372        <source>Add new slice</source>
1373        <translation type="unfinished">
1374            </translation>
1375    </message>
1376    <message>
1377        <source>Add new partition</source>
1378        <translation type="unfinished">
1379            </translation>
1380    </message>
1381    <message>
1382        <source>Destroy this slice</source>
1383        <translation type="unfinished">
1384            </translation>
1385    </message>
1386    <message>
1387        <source>Destroy this partition</source>
1388        <translation type="unfinished">
1389            </translation>
1390    </message>
1391    <message>
1392        <source>Warning</source>
1393        <translation type="unfinished">
1394            </translation>
1395    </message>
1396    <message>
1397        <source>This operation cannot be undone.
1398OK to destroy the slice/partition?</source>
1399        <translation type="unfinished">
1400            </translation>
1401    </message>
1402    <message>
1403        <source>Error report</source>
1404        <translation type="unfinished">
1405            </translation>
1406    </message>
1407    <message>
1408        <source>Create new zpool</source>
1409        <translation type="unfinished">
1410            </translation>
1411    </message>
1412    <message>
1413        <source>Important information</source>
1414        <translation type="unfinished">
1415            </translation>
1416    </message>
1417    <message>
1418        <source>The pool was imported in read-only mode, therefore attempting to destroy the pool will leave the pool in the state it was when imported, not necessarily destroyed.</source>
1419        <translation type="unfinished">
1420            </translation>
1421    </message>
1422    <message>
1423        <source>Attach mirror devices to </source>
1424        <translation type="unfinished">
1425            </translation>
1426    </message>
1427    <message>
1428        <source>The pool was imported in read-only mode, therefore attempting to export the pool will leave the pool in the state it was when imported, not necessarily exported.</source>
1429        <translation type="unfinished">
1430            </translation>
1431    </message>
1432    <message>
1433        <source>Recover destroyed pool as...</source>
1434        <translation type="unfinished">
1435            </translation>
1436    </message>
1437    <message>
1438        <source>Import pool as...</source>
1439        <translation type="unfinished">
1440            </translation>
1441    </message>
1442    <message>
1443        <source>The pool was imported in read-only mode, it cannot be renamed.</source>
1444        <translation type="unfinished">
1445            </translation>
1446    </message>
1447    <message>
1448        <source>Add more devices to zpool</source>
1449        <translation type="unfinished">
1450            </translation>
1451    </message>
1452    <message>
1453        <source>Add log devices to zpool</source>
1454        <translation type="unfinished">
1455            </translation>
1456    </message>
1457    <message>
1458        <source>Add cache devices to zpool</source>
1459        <translation type="unfinished">
1460            </translation>
1461    </message>
1462    <message>
1463        <source>Add spare devices to zpool</source>
1464        <translation type="unfinished">
1465            </translation>
1466    </message>
1467    <message>
1468        <source>[Mounted]</source>
1469        <translation type="unfinished">
1470            </translation>
1471    </message>
1472    <message>
1473        <source>[Not Mounted]</source>
1474        <translation type="unfinished">
1475            </translation>
1476    </message>
1477    <message>
1478        <source> of </source>
1479        <translation type="unfinished">
1480            </translation>
1481    </message>
1482    <message>
1483        <source>Rename dataset</source>
1484        <translation type="unfinished">
1485            </translation>
1486    </message>
1487    <message>
1488        <source>Create new dataset</source>
1489        <translation type="unfinished">
1490            </translation>
1491    </message>
1492    <message>
1493        <source>Create a clone dataset</source>
1494        <translation type="unfinished">
1495            </translation>
1496    </message>
1497    <message>
1498        <source>Destroy dataset</source>
1499        <translation type="unfinished">
1500            </translation>
1501    </message>
1502    <message>
1503        <source>Promote filesystem</source>
1504        <translation type="unfinished">
1505            </translation>
1506    </message>
1507    <message>
1508        <source>Take a snapshot</source>
1509        <translation type="unfinished">
1510            </translation>
1511    </message>
1512    <message>
1513        <source>Destroy snapshot</source>
1514        <translation type="unfinished">
1515            </translation>
1516    </message>
1517    <message>
1518        <source>Rollback to this snapshot</source>
1519        <translation type="unfinished">
1520            </translation>
1521    </message>
1522    <message>
1523        <source>Edit properties</source>
1524        <translation type="unfinished">
1525            </translation>
1526    </message>
1527    <message>
1528        <source>zfs Menu</source>
1529        <translation type="unfinished">
1530            </translation>
1531    </message>
1532    <message>
1533        <source>Confirmation</source>
1534        <translation type="unfinished">
1535            </translation>
1536    </message>
1537    <message>
1538        <source>Take a new snapshot</source>
1539        <translation type="unfinished">
1540            </translation>
1541    </message>
1542    <message>
1543        <source>New name</source>
1544        <translation type="unfinished">
1545            </translation>
1546    </message>
1547    <message>
1548        <source>This operation cannot be undone and will cause all data added after the snapshot to be lost.
1549Any snapshots created after this one will be deleted, along with any clone filesystems that depend on them.
1551        <translation type="unfinished">
1552            </translation>
1553    </message>
1554    <message>
1555        <source>This pool had been destroyed, and its disks may have been reused. Attempting to recover will destroy any new data that could&apos;ve been stored in the devices that were reused and cannot be recovered.
1556Proceed with recovery?</source>
1557        <translation type="unfinished">
1558            </translation>
1559    </message>
1560    <message>
1561        <source>An error was detected while executing &apos;%1&apos;:
1564        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
1565    </message>
1566    <message>
1567        <source>An error was detected while executing &apos;zpool&apos;:
1570        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
1571    </message>
1572    <message>
1573        <source>An error was detected while executing &apos;zfs&apos;:
1576        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
1577    </message>
1578    <message>
1579        <source>This operation cannot be undone and will cause data loss.
1581You are about to perform the following operation(s):
1584        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
1585    </message>
1586    <message>
1587        <source>
1589Are you sure you want to proceed?
1592        <translation type="unfinished"></translation>
1593    </message>
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