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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
3<TS version="2.0">
5    <name>MainWindow</name>
6    <message>
7        <source>Please enter your user password to run this command with system permissions</source>
8        <translation>Jekk jogħġbok ikteb il-password ta &apos;utent tiegħek biex imexxu dan il-kmand ma&apos; permessi tas-sistema</translation>
9    </message>
10    <message>
11        <source>Requesting System Permissions</source>
12        <translation>Jitlob Permessi Sistema</translation>
13    </message>
14    <message>
15        <source>Access Denied</source>
16        <translation>Aċċess Denied</translation>
17    </message>
18    <message>
19        <source>This user does not have administrator permissions on this system!</source>
20        <translation>Dan l-utent ma jkollux permessi amministratur fuq din is-sistema!</translation>
21    </message>
22    <message>
23        <source>Invalid Password! Tries Left: %1</source>
24        <translation>Password Invalid! Tipprova xellug:%1</translation>
25    </message>
26    <message>
27        <source>Toggle command details</source>
28        <translation>Dettalji kmand Toggle</translation>
29    </message>
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