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1.Dd May 18, 2010
5.Nm pbi_autobuild
6.Nd Auto-build all PBIs from a meta-data tree
9.Op Fl c Ar confdir
10.Op Fl d Ar portdir
11.Op Fl h Ar script
12.Op Fl o Ar outdir
13.Op Fl p Ar <num>
14.Op Fl 32
15.Op Fl 32fallback
16.Op Fl -genpatch
17.Op Fl -keep Ar num
18.Op Fl -pkgcache
19.Op Fl -prune
20.Op Fl -tmpfs
21.Op Fl -sign Ar keyfile
23The utility,
24.Nm ,
25can be used to traverse a directory of meta-data configuration modules for PBIs,
26and auto-build any out of date or new packages.
29.Bl -tag -width indent
30.It Fl c Ar confdir
31Specify the meta-data confdir to traverse. The autobuild function will look for
32directories with a ".pbi.conf" file within, and use that directory in the PBI
33building process.
35Any found pbi.conf files will be parsed, and if PBI_MAKEPORT is set, the target
36port will be used for the build. If PBI_MAKEPORT is unset, the auto-build will
37attempt to match the module to a FreeBSD port based upon the dirname of pbi.conf
38.It Fl d Ar portsdir
39Specify an alternative ports-dir, defaults to /usr/ports
40.It Fl h Ar script
41Specify a helper script to call after building a PBI. The following
42arguments will be passed: $1 - (OK/FAILED), $2 - (Output directory of PBI/Logs)
43.It Fl o Ar outdir
44The directory to place the finished PBI files, will also be used to determine
45which apps are in need of a rebuild if the associated FreeBSD port has been updated.
46.It Fl p Ar <number>
47Number of build processes to run concurrently. Defaults to a single process, but if you
48have CPUs and disk IO to spare, increasing will greatly reduce time to do an i
49autobuild run.
50.It Fl 32
51Use to specify to build only i386 PBIs on an amd64 host system
52.It Fl 32fallback
53Use to specify to build i386 PBIs on an amd64 host system only if amd64 version can
54not be built from the port
55.It Fl -genpatch
56When building a new PBI, check for archived copies, and generate smaller patch
57updates to the new version. (*.pbp files)
58.It Fl -keep Ar num
59When building new PBIs, keep <num> copies of past versions of working PBI in
60<outdir>/archived/ folder. These archived copies can be used with the --genpatch
61command to generate update patch files.
62.It Fl -pkgcache
63Enable caching of .txz pkg files. Files will be saved in each PBIs <outdir>/pkgcache
64directory. This greatly speeds up subsequent builds of a PBI, since the cached packages
65will be used wherever possible.
66.It Fl -prune
67Remove any PBIs which no longer have an associated module in confdir.
68.It Fl -tmpfs
69Automatically create and mount a TMPFS file system and use it for WRKDIRPREFIX.
70This can be used to speed up port compiles on systems with available RAM.
71.It Fl -sign Ar keyfile
72Digitially sign the PBI file with the openssl private key file specified
74For details about the module format, please refer to the wiki guide:
77.Xr pbi_add 1 ,
78.Xr pbi_create 1 ,
79.Xr pbi_makeport 1
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