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1.Dd Apr 15, 2010
5.Nm pbi_makeport
6.Nd Build PBI from FreeBSD Port
9.Op Fl B
10.Op Fl k
11.Op Fl c Ar confdir
12.Op Fl d Ar portsdir
13.Op Fl o Ar outdir
14.Op Fl p Ar prefix
15.Op Fl 32
16.Op Fl -delbuild
17.Op Fl -mkdebug
18.Op Fl -no-prune
19.Op Fl -pkgdir dir
20.Op Fl -tmpfs
21.Op Fl -sign Ar keyfile
22.Op Ar port
24The utility,
25.Nm ,
26allows the building of a self-contained PBI file from a
27target port in the FreeBSD ports tree. In most cases a small
28meta-data module will be required for desktop compliance.
31.Bl -tag -width indent
32.It Fl B
33Build-only, after the port make process has finished, do not
34generate the PBI file. Generally used with
35.Fl k
36to build a port before running pbi_create manually.
37.It Fl c Ar confdir
38Specify the meta-data confdir to use. While not required for building
39a PBI, it is highly recommended. Without some configuration settings
40in the meta-data, icons and binary entry-points will not be created.
41.It Fl d Ar portsdir
42Specify an alternative ports-dir, defaults to /usr/ports
43.It Fl k
44Keep the build files after a success or failure
45compiling / building the PBI
46.It Fl o Ar outdir
47The directory to place the finished PBI file, defaults to users
48$HOME directory
49.It Fl p Ar prefix
50Manually provide a PREFIX, which determines the location where the
51PBI will end up being installed on the end-users system.
52.It Fl 32
53Specify to create a i386 PBI from a amd64 host system
54.It Fl -delbuild
55Remove any existing build dirs before starting this build.
56.It Fl -mkdebug
57When doing a port build you may run into compile / make failures. Enabling
58this option will drop you to a shell prompt after a failure, keeping
59the various build options set, allowing debugging and testing of
60why the port may have failed.
61.It Fl -no-prune
62Disable auto-pruning of non REQUIREDBY ports after the compile phase.
63By default any ports which are used solely building and not required
64for program execution will be pruned.
65.It Fl -pkgdir Ar dir
66Use the specified directory to cache .txz package files during the build. If
67the directory contains an up to date package, it will be used instead of rebuild
68the port from source.
69.It Fl -tmpfs
70Automatically create and mount a TMPFS file system and use it for WRKDIRPREFIX.
71This can be used to speed up port compiles on systems with available RAM.
72.It Fl -sign Ar keyfile
73Digitially sign the PBI file with the openssl private key file specified
75For details about the module format, please refer to the wiki guide:
78.Xr pbi_add 1 ,
79.Xr pbi_create 1 ,
80.Xr pbi_delete 1
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