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Add /boot/kernel/linker.hints to ignored files for freebsd-update.conf on 9.1-Release

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1# $FreeBSD: releng/9.1/etc/freebsd-update.conf 196392 2009-08-19 20:47:31Z simon $
3# Trusted keyprint.  Changing this is a Bad Idea unless you've received
4# a PGP-signed email from <> telling you to
5# change it and explaining why.
6KeyPrint 771f0e6c8d9de2df1f70a2872a3d25716e6a7a50c32fc4f7ba15746cbf18ce7f
8# Server or server pool from which to fetch updates.  You can change
9# this to point at a specific server if you want, but in most cases
10# using a "nearby" server won't provide a measurable improvement in
11# performance.
14# Components of the base system which should be kept updated.
15Components src world kernel
17# Example for updating the userland and the kernel source code only:
18# Components src/base src/sys world
20# Paths which start with anything matching an entry in an IgnorePaths
21# statement will be ignored.
22IgnorePaths /boot/kernel/linker.hints
24# Paths which start with anything matching an entry in an IDSIgnorePaths
25# statement will be ignored by "freebsd-update IDS".
26IDSIgnorePaths /usr/share/man/cat
27IDSIgnorePaths /usr/share/man/whatis
28IDSIgnorePaths /var/db/locate.database
29IDSIgnorePaths /var/log
31# Paths which start with anything matching an entry in an UpdateIfUnmodified
32# statement will only be updated if the contents of the file have not been
33# modified by the user (unless changes are merged; see below).
34UpdateIfUnmodified /etc/ /var/ /root/ /.cshrc /.profile
36# When upgrading to a new FreeBSD release, files which match MergeChanges
37# will have any local changes merged into the version from the new release.
38MergeChanges /etc/ /var/named/etc/ /boot/device.hints
40### Default configuration options:
42# Directory in which to store downloaded updates and temporary
43# files used by FreeBSD Update.
44# WorkDir /var/db/freebsd-update
46# Destination to send output of "freebsd-update cron" if an error
47# occurs or updates have been downloaded.
48# MailTo root
50# Is FreeBSD Update allowed to create new files?
51# AllowAdd yes
53# Is FreeBSD Update allowed to delete files?
54# AllowDelete yes
56# If the user has modified file ownership, permissions, or flags, should
57# FreeBSD Update retain this modified metadata when installing a new version
58# of that file?
59# KeepModifiedMetadata yes
61# When upgrading between releases, should the list of Components be
62# read strictly (StrictComponents yes) or merely as a list of components
63# which *might* be installed of which FreeBSD Update should figure out
64# which actually are installed and upgrade those (StrictComponents no)?
65# StrictComponents no
67# When installing a new kernel perform a backup of the old one first
68# so it is possible to boot the old kernel in case of problems.
69# BackupKernel yes
71# If BackupKernel is enabled, the backup kernel is saved to this
72# directory.
73# BackupKernelDir /boot/kernel.old
75# When backing up a kernel also back up debug symbol files?
76# BackupKernelSymbolFiles no
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