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(edit) @c2b5aad   7 weeks kris Fix a bug in warden doing pkgng bootstrap. Now use the jails … releng/10.0.1
(edit) @13a6b08   3 months kris Create the pcbsd.conf.dist file for pkgng repo in warden jails, this gets … releng/10.0.1
(edit) @58ffcd7   3 months kris Fix trac: #932 Correct an issue boot-strapping pkgng / pcbsd-utils into … releng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @d6345ef   4 months kris Fix the warden jail creation to work with the new pkgng repo format releng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @2b62dde   5 months kris Fix up usage of pkg+http:// in pkg.conf releng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @e5240d6   7 months kris Fix a bug causing warden to keep using 9.1-RELEASE for templates, also … 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @2c39b15   7 months kris Remove experimental pbibox functionality, not going to be used. 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @29f8f9d   8 months kris Fix a typo 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @6cf118f   8 months kris When we boot-strap pkgng, make sure to install pcbsd-utils 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @f4066f6   9 months kris Start adding the early framework of a new type of PBI container to Warden. 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @5a47ba4   10 months kris Switch us to our site 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @9788f38   10 months kris Switch us over to the new PC-BSD CDN 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @f70de07   10 months kris Show DONE when removing a template 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @2567eba   10 months kris Display error if we fail to delete a jail template 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @cee08ee   12 months kris Really set the wayback machine now, tested back to 4.1.1 even ;) 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @283f63e   12 months kris Add support for listing / deleting templates 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @101a6c2   12 months kris Add the warden template list functionality 9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(edit) @ce6fcd7   12 months kris Also fix same issue with wrong system version being used from uname -r 9.1-release9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
(add) @1620346   12 months kris Initial import of PC-BSD /current/ SVN repo 9.1-release9.2-releasereleng/10.0releng/10.0.1
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