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#1205 10.0: recent update results in fatal grub error new System Defect blocker
#1145 pc-controlpanel-next not launching items new yurkis System Defect critical
#1187 can not use iBus in some application. (10.0.2 RC2) new kris System Defect critical
#1273 Gnome 3 window manager failing always I use pkg new System Defect critical
#1274 Cinnamon not working new System Defect critical
#1003 Display Settings wizard new kris System Defect major
#1045 Release notes on main website is not complete assigned joshms Feature Request major 9.2
#1061 DUAL NVIDIA GPU // XORG ISSUES new kris System Defect major
#1084 "End Of Support" notification new kris Feature Request major
#1148 New pc-controlpanel crashing new yurkis System Defect major
#1167 Installation of DE's new kris Feature Request major
#1173 Please Put Orca in the Installer of Next Release new kris Feature Request major 9.1
#1174 Rescue Tool new kris Feature Request major
#1182 Not allowed to modify or save time zone in Gnome3 or KDE new kris System Defect major
#1188 DTrace Fails When Not Run in /boot/kernel with Error '...Module is no longer loaded' new kris System Defect major
#1192 Volume entry not shown after being created unless refresh the explorer new tim System Defect major 9.2
#1195 linuxulator - replace fedora10 with CentOS 6.x new kris Feature Request major
#1196 PCBSD tested laptops new tigersharke Feature Request major
#1197 include pipelight new kris Feature Request major
#1200 Add an Option to "not display this dialogue" for frequent GUI operations new joshms Feature Request major
#1202 PC-BSD 10-0-2 update fails to detect Nvidia card in display wizard. new kris PBI Packaging Bug major
#1203 Add a large font / DPI setting to installer new kris System Defect major
#1204 Installation fails new kris System Defect major
#1206 10.0-RELEASE-p14 Fatal trap 30: reserved (unknown) fault while in kernel mode new tim System Defect major
#1207 disk_ident breaks "Advanced" installation to second disk slice new kris System Defect major
#1235 AppCafe packages update - download progress issue new System Defect major
#1236 Warden creates default template based on `uname -r` ignoring --version flag new Package Issue - Production major
#1271 life preserver restore won't start until dhclient is ran new System Defect major
#1272 life preserver restore fails new System Defect major
#1283 AppCafé close itself new System Defect major
#1287 AppCafe and Life Preserver working together for safer package installation/updating new Feature Request major
#1312 PC BSD 10.0.2: GPT + GELI: Grub hangs up on boot time new System Defect major
#1334 The Importance Of Weight Training For Women new System Defect major
#1335 Muscle Mass Diet Mistakes You Should Avoid new System Defect major
#1361 12 Tips for Building Muscle new System Defect major
#1383 Home Remedies For Muscle Spasms And Cramps new System Defect major
#1392 Wi-Fi Broadcom BCM43224 doesn`t work and etc. new System Defect major
#1035 Make installer able to reuse existing ZFS pools new kris Feature Request minor
#1071 Remove testing mailing list option in Bug Reporting Tool new joshms System Defect minor 9.2
#1100 Installer fails when trying to do dd on existing gpt partition with pc-bsd installed new kris System Defect minor
#1118 wpa_supplicant.conf keeps getting clobbered new kris System Defect minor
#1171 AppCafe "loading" screen disappears when clicked reopened ken System Defect minor
#1176 10.0-RELEASE-p6 desktops not starting after updates new kris System Defect minor
#1275 pcbsd 10.0.2-RELEASE boots on wrong grub entry new System Defect minor
#1276 life preserver doesn't save its configuration new System Defect minor
#1354 Make PulseAudio support optional. new Feature Request minor
#1382 Wiki page for System Manager incorrect new System Defect minor
#1405 Can't run some X python scripts due to access restriction to /tmp/.PCDM-... new System Defect minor
#825 wireless icon in tray showing wrong icon reopened ken System Defect trivial
#1063 KDE Boot splash not showing PC-BSD logo at last boot icon assigned joshms System Defect trivial
#1178 k3b crashes/quits with music cd new Package Issue - EDGE trivial
#1181 Appcafe "User Tips" firefox assigned kenmoore System Defect trivial
#1185 Option to disable live search in AppCafe new kenmoore Feature Request trivial
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