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#159 Errors in Handling of KDE User Preferences and Plasma System Defect minor 7-BETA1 fixed
#155 Graphical TTY support by default. Feature Request major 7.0.1 wontfix
#130 NTFS-3G Feature Request critical 1.5.1 fixed
#154 Synchronice local tty login keymaps/locale with x-keymap/locale Feature Request minor 7-BETA1 fixed
#151 cilxNFbvlcQRhu System Defect major 7-BETA1 invalid
#147 kucNFemMbETgVmQgB System Defect major 7-BETA1 invalid
#184 pcbsd7.2 : first boot after install hangs on "Display Settings" System Defect major fixed
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