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#589 x-chat in meta-package Feature Request minor 9.0-RELEASE invalid
#629 VirtualBox guest kernel module gets loaded after display manager System Defect major fixed
#657 Unable to assign a static IP address because netmask validation always fails System Defect major 9.1-BETA1 fixed
#659 Warden GUI - Invalid IP address - new jail wizard Feature Request major 9.1-RC1 fixed
#669 portjail /etc/rc.conf reverted on reboot System Defect major 9.0-RELEASE deferred
#684 PC-BSD 9.1 beta networking inoperative in VirtualBox System Defect major 9.1-BETA1 fixed
#691 PCBSD 9.1 - Bugginess experiences, so far Feature Request major 9.0-RELEASE wontfix
#726 error messages on my attached external hard drives PBI Packaging Bug major 9.1-RELEASE invalid
#474 pc-sysinstall fails to sort datasets/mountpoints properly; fails on nested datasets System Defect critical 9.0-BETA3 fixed
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