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#273 no boot with radeon hybrid graphics System Defect blocker XOrg Configurator 8.1
#355 system freezes shortly after startup System Defect critical System Configuration
#356 Bug with latest RC (8.2 RC) Jon Valentine PBI Packaging Bug major Network Manager 8.1
#364 PPPoE doesn't work System Defect major Network Manager
#366 IEEE 1394 (fire wire) Problems tim System Defect major Crash Handler 8.1
#373 Cannot update phonon-gstreamer port System Defect major System Configuration 8.1
#369 kbdcontrol: keymap file "us" not found kris System Defect minor Installer
#375 Conky window disappears System Defect minor System Configuration 8.1
#337 Enhanced Version Feature Request trivial System Configuration 8.1
#353 GUI Installer Missing Text for German kris System Defect trivial Installer
#370 default pf.conf is incorrect for avahi(bonjour) System Defect trivial Firewall configuration tool 8.1
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