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#1035 Make installer able to reuse existing ZFS pools new kris Feature Request Installer
#1236 Warden creates default template based on `uname -r` ignoring --version flag new kris Package Issue - Production System Tool
#1071 Remove testing mailing list option in Bug Reporting Tool new joshms System Defect 9.2 System Tool
#1100 Installer fails when trying to do dd on existing gpt partition with pc-bsd installed new kris System Defect System Configuration
#1118 wpa_supplicant.conf keeps getting clobbered new kris System Defect Network Manager
#1171 AppCafe "loading" screen disappears when clicked reopened ken System Defect Software Manager
#1176 10.0-RELEASE-p6 desktops not starting after updates new kris System Defect System Configuration
#1275 pcbsd 10.0.2-RELEASE boots on wrong grub entry new System Defect PC-BSD Updater
#1276 life preserver doesn't save its configuration new System Defect Life Preserver
#1382 Wiki page for System Manager incorrect new System Defect System Tool
#1405 Can't run some X python scripts due to access restriction to /tmp/.PCDM-... new ken System Defect Misc
#1406 AppCafe displays package size differently new ken System Defect System Configuration
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