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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#1082 Enable HTTPS/SSL/TLS at new critical Misc
#815 Begin design of a full disk encryption utility for PC-BSD installer. new kris major System Configuration
#894 Create ZFS pool probe / import dialog menus new kris major System Configuration
#984 Feature Request for a pop-up for the installer / hardware check new kris major Installer
#1038 PC-BSD Update Center update history new yurkis major System Tool
#1045 Release notes on main website is not complete assigned joshms major 9.2 Misc
#1084 "End Of Support" notification new major PC-BSD Updater
#788 Request for AppCafe to have a 'resume' capability new ken minor 9.2 Software Manager
#895 Fine grained life-preserver new kris minor Life Preserver
#931 Let user decide between UTC time detection or setting time locally new kris minor System Configuration
#967 Split i18n packages for PC-BSD new kris minor System Configuration
#1006 Create a section for PBI updates and security updates section on main website and forum new kris minor 9.2 Misc
#1035 Make installer able to reuse existing ZFS pools new kris minor Installer
#1062 Add comment or snapshot description field to warden zfsmksnap function new kris minor PBI System
#1093 3G Modem graphical configuration applet new minor System Configuration
#839 AppCafe Ratings assigned kenmoore trivial Software Manager
#1094 Add package squeeze or xarchiver to xfce4 meta package? new trivial System Configuration
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