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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1274 Cinnamon not working new System Defect critical
#1084 "End Of Support" notification new kris Feature Request major
#1173 Please Put Orca in the Installer of Next Release new kris Feature Request major 9.1
#1182 Not allowed to modify or save time zone in Gnome3 or KDE new kris System Defect major
#1196 PCBSD tested laptops new tigersharke Feature Request major
#1203 Add a large font / DPI setting to installer new kris System Defect major
#1272 life preserver restore fails new System Defect major
#1408 Endless loop whele detecting graphics hardware new System Defect major
#1035 Make installer able to reuse existing ZFS pools new kris Feature Request minor
#1236 Warden creates default template based on `uname -r` ignoring --version flag new kris Package Issue - Production minor
#1382 Wiki page for System Manager incorrect new System Defect minor
#1409 Vpn Client import and Intergration with Network Manager new Feature Request minor
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