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joshms (2 matches)

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#1045 Release notes on main website is not complete Misc 9.2 Feature Request Feb 18, 2014

The Release Notes on the Documentation section (http://www.pcbsd.org/en/release-notes.html) of the main website is not complete. It just contains Hardware Requirements, Software Specs and Available Packages. It should contain the complete Release Notes from the one announced on the mailing lists or the one from the PC-BSD blog. There should also be a link to the FreeBSD Release Notes to give access to users when users want to read also the FreeBSD Release Notes.

#1063 KDE Boot splash not showing PC-BSD logo at last boot icon Misc System Defect Mar 6, 2014

On 9.2 version, KDE environment showed PC-BSD logo instead of KDE K sign as last boot up logo in the end of booting to window manager. It demonstrates that installation is powered by PC-BSD and I'd love this logo back.

kenmoore (1 match)

Ticket Summary Component Milestone Type Created
#839 AppCafe Ratings Software Manager Feature Request Nov 20, 2013

Just a feature request - would be cool if the appcafe had a user submitted rating system for each app so we can easier decide what to install without having to Google each variant :)

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