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8.1 installer gets confused when asked for two separate ZFS pools

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Installing PCBSD 8.1 from x64 DVD.

Used the GUI to set up the following custom partitioning on ad1s1:

  • 1024MB UFS /boot
  • 8192MB SWAP encrypted
  • 8000MB ZFS not encrypted (/, /usr, and /var explicitly listed as mountpoints)
  • TheRest? ZFS encrypted (/home explicitly listed as mountpoint)

The GUI then creates the following related lines in sys-install.cfg:

disk0-part=UFS 1024 /boot
disk0-part=SWAP.eli 8192 none
disk0-part=ZFS 80000 /,/usr,/var
disk0-part=ZFS.eli 149251 /home

Installer correctly creates tank0/, tank0/usr, tank0/var and tank1/home, then proceeds through "pc-sysinstall: Starting Extraction" and "pc-sysinstall: Extraction Finished" steps.

However, during final tidying up and resetting of ZFS mountpoints, the installer gets confused and thinks there is also a tank1/var in addition to tank0/var. Thus, installation barfs at:


Running: zfs set mountpoint=/home tank1/home
Running: zfs unmount tank1/home
Running: zfs set mountpoint=/var tank1/var
cannot open 'tank1/var': dataset does not exist
Error 1: zfs set mountpoint=/var tank1/var


Oops :)

No idea why 'tank1/var' was mysteriously presumed to exist,
but the nett impact is to cause the installation process to fail when given a not-unreasonable partition configuration :(

Hope this feedback is of some help.


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Thanks for all the feedback here. This should be fixed as of 9.1 so reopen the ticket and let us know if you still run into any trouble.

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