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Mount tray application does not fully mount second Hard Disc Partitions

Reported by: Dante77 Owned by: kenmoore
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Component: System Configuration Version: 9.1-RC1
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I have 2 hard drives attached to my motherboard, both disks are listed in the file manager and in the mount tray application on the taskbar.

However only the the partitions on the PCBSD slave drive are listed in the media directory. The master drive contains Linux Partitions (and installations) and is not listed in the media directory.

Thus when clicking on any icon for a partition the Non-PCBSD master disk (in say Dolphin) , the error

An error occured while accessing xxxx Hard Drive, the system responded,
org.freedesktop.hal.device.volume.unknownfailure:mount: /dev/ada0S3: Operation not supported by device

Other external media connected via USB such as mp3 players are accessed just fine. It may also be worth mentioning that the PCBSD Hard Drive also has a working Windows installation on it (all partitions are accessible). The second drive that is inaccessible has 3 Linux distributions on it and a back up ext4 partition.

It maybe worth noting that I installed PCBSD to the slave drive with the Master Drive disconnected from the motherboard.

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The error that you are posting results from trying to mount the device using the "linux-y" methods of the file manager, which does not always work on FreeBSD. There has been some improvements to the device detection methodology of the PC-BSD mount tray for PC-BSD 9.1-RC2, so please try it out and report back whether this is still an issue.

comment:2 Changed 2 years ago by Dante77

Hi, I am now running PC-BSD 9.1-RC2 and the aforementioned problem still exists.

There is a slight different presentation of the problem though.

If the mount tray application is used, an empty folder with the partition name is created in the media directory. However this ext4 partition folder in the media directory is empty (and obviously I know that the partition has data on it).

If I use Dolphin to open the ext4 partition a new type of error message is given.

Unable to mount volume 'ext4_partition_name'

Details: mount: dev/ext2fs/'ext4_partition_name' Operation not supported by device

Shall I leave this bug in under RC1 or shall I also post under RC2?

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It might not be working simply because the ext4 filesystem is not fully supported in FreeBSD. There is a bit of information in the PC-BSD handbook about this (section 1.4.1 in the online version of the handbook[1]), and there are a bunch of caveats about ext4 that will not let it work depending on how it is setup.

Since the bug is specifically related to mounting the device (detection seems to work fine according to your info), I am going to go ahead and close this as "deferred". It means that we are simply going to have to wait for the ext4 filesystem to be better supported on the FreeBSD side of things.


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