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BSD install does not boot with MBR

Reported by: gef_f Owned by: kris
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Component: Installer Version: 10-STABLE
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In the installer, BSD boot loading is available and the installation completes with success. However, after the install, the system does not boot.

Version: 10 beta 2013-11-26

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comment:1 Changed 20 months ago by gef_f

Additional information:

Disk is divided into 4 primary partitions:

  1. FAT32 - restore partition for Windows.
  2. OS (NTFS)- Windows 7 system partition.
  3. DATA (NTFS) - Data partition.
  4. (ada4) Partition for the PC-BSD (size is slightly less then 50 MB, however)

Using GRUB, not the sliced, the install boots fine.

comment:2 Changed 20 months ago by kris

What happens when it fails to boot? Do you get to the F1-F4 MBR loader screen, or does it fail even before that?

comment:3 Changed 20 months ago by gef_f

It does get to the first menu. It shows 4 options like the following:
F1 Win
F2 ???
F3 FreeBSD
F4 ???


I'm not sure how the F numbers exactly were, but it had every entry twice and the other entry had only question marks. I tested booting them all and that way concluded they were duplicates.

When selecting the FreeBSD, the boot starts, but stops instantly. If I remember correctly, there is a still '-' character in the top left corner.

comment:4 Changed 20 months ago by gef_f

I did a reinstall attempt to get accurate information. There are several differences to the information I gave in the previous posts.

The partition is ada0s4.

The first menu is following:
F1 ?
F2 Win
F3 ?
F4 FreeBSD

There was only one question mark. In some other install attempt there has been 3. But that install may not be relevant to this PC-BSD 10 version.

The behaviour differences. When selecting F4, the screen goes black for a couple of seconds and the computer restarts. When selecting F3, nothing happens. The screen remains in the first menu with the F(x) selections. Only the cursor line seems to change to the next one.

comment:5 Changed 19 months ago by joshms

Confirmed on newest 10.0 Beta p6 image. After selecting freebsd boot loader and completing install the computer restarts and gives only a blinking cursor for me.

comment:6 Changed 19 months ago by gef_f

I was reading the and the gpart man page,, and I started to wonder if it is even possible to use the BSD bootstrapping code without using GPT? According to the BOOTSTRAPPING section, both of the possible bootstrap codes are used to boot from the GPT.

comment:7 Changed 19 months ago by kris

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comment:8 Changed 19 months ago by gef_f

I confirm this issue is fixed in PCBSD10.0-RELEASE-p3-01-13-2014-x64

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