04:05 Ticket #29 (Xorg GUI refuses to set up proper screen resolution) created by andrei
Can't set proper resolution for my Samsung SyncMaster? 913N LCD with ATI …
00:09 Ticket #28 (PORTS on RELEASE DISC - insufficient info) created by mgreen
When you have installed 1.4RC and PORTS from CD2, you find you have no bpm …


23:44 Ticket #27 (LOGIN SCREEN - ICONS UNSATISFACTORY) created by mgreen
This is a very minor thing - but it is a "first impression" thing. The two …
06:19 Ticket #26 (Untranslated messages) created by Derbeth
There are some messages in latest Friday 7th September snapshot that are …
03:20 Ticket #23 ("All tickets by milestone" on trac errors out) closed by tim
fixed: Thanks, due to an incompatibility with using PostgreSQL. For future …
01:21 Ticket #25 (Auto-select keyboard layout and timezone) created by Derbeth
With most languages the installer might automatically choose keyboard …
01:18 Ticket #24 (Change name of Norwegian language in language selection screen) created by Derbeth
Please change "Norwegian Bookmal" to "Norwegian Bokmål". There is no such …


18:54 Ticket #23 ("All tickets by milestone" on trac errors out) created by kad77
Hi, this is Trac related: I meant to close off ticket #20 with this reply …
18:40 Ticket #20 (Immediate freeze on intial X screen, before installer) closed by kris
fixed: Fixed, I've add an option to the loader that says "Run installer in VESA …
01:32 Ticket #22 (http://bugs.pcbsd.org/ does not exist) closed by tim
fixed: Thanks for the headsup, it's fixed :)


22:39 Ticket #22 (http://bugs.pcbsd.org/ does not exist) created by kad77
On PC-BSD homepage, the 'Support'->'Bugs' link in the upper menu leads to …
22:34 Ticket #21 (Installer cannot write any files to disk, can partition however) created by kad77
22:21 Ticket #20 (Immediate freeze on intial X screen, before installer) created by kad77
On nForce4 chipset, AMD64 processor, nVidia 7800GT (DVI cable) 1.4rc1 …
13:50 Ticket #19 (Problem with Polish characters in default fonts) closed by kris
fixed: Fixed it here, turns out its the bitstream-vera port which is causing the …
06:51 CrashHandler created by tim
Added CrashHandler component.


15:55 Ticket #19 (Problem with Polish characters in default fonts) created by Derbeth
After fresh install of 1.4RC with Polish language set, all texts are …
10:47 Ticket #18 (Improve sound detection script) created by kris
The current sound-detection script is rather poor at detecting newer cards …
09:58 Ticket #16 (Bug using driver NVidia 100.14.11 and OpenGL) closed by kris
wontfix: Thanks for the report! Unfortunately this is something that we can't fix …


10:37 Developers edited by tim
Added link to development guidelines (diff)
10:35 DevelopmentGuidelines created by tim
08:36 Developers edited by tim
Added link to FreeBSD developers' handbook (diff)
08:12 Ticket #17 (Error with install modifying hard disk.) created by toomany
This was a bug with "tar" returning a non-0 exit status when using a lot …


10:04 Ticket #15 (Special characters in root password do not work) closed by tim
fixed: Fixed in r659
09:00 Developers edited by tim
Added links to Qt & KDE APIs (diff)
08:02 WikiStart edited by tim
Added a link to the developers' index page. (diff)
08:00 Developers created by tim
07:42 Modules created by tim


10:49 Ticket #16 (Bug using driver NVidia 100.14.11 and OpenGL) created by lisette
I have a Dell Precision M90 and Installed the latest version available in …


23:48 Ticket #15 (Special characters in root password do not work) created by cmb
At least one or some special characters in the root password field in the …


09:20 Ticket #14 (Booting up messages) created by gerard
Kris wrote on 30-Aug to the the testing list: As for the boot process, …
08:44 Ticket #10 (Windows Key configured wrong) closed by kris
fixed: This has been addressed in 1.4. We've decided to go back to using the Win …
01:20 Ticket #13 (PBI Directory down) closed by tim
invalid: 'Works for me'. Additionally, pbiDir isn't a part of the PC-BSD project. …


13:43 Ticket #13 (PBI Directory down) created by anonymous
http://www.pbidir.com/ is down


15:38 WikiStart edited by charles


16:57 Ticket #12 (Network Manager fix (svn revison 622)) closed by anonymous
duplicate: Duplicate of #11
11:07 Ticket #12 (Network Manager fix (svn revison 622)) created by gerard
Relating SVN Revision 622 Author: tim Date: 2007-08-24 09:22:49 -0700 …
09:35 Ticket #11 (Fix the bug [622] fixes properly) created by tim
Revision [622] hacked a fix for bad characters in hostnames that didn't …


06:05 Ticket #10 (Windows Key configured wrong) created by gerard


05:18 WikiStart edited by tim
Altered feature request link & report bugs link to set the bug type to … (diff)
03:28 WikiStart edited by gerard
replaced the default Trac text (diff)
03:22 WikiStart edited by gerard
03:08 Ticket #9 (Merge PBI tools & PC-BSD Software tools) created by gerard
Feature Request: Can we have the following merged into 1 application …


10:29 Ticket #8 (Integrate FreeBSD 7.0) created by tim
Integrate FreeBSD 7.0 into the base system.
10:28 Ticket #7 (Integrate KDE 4.0) created by tim
Integrate KDE 4.0 into the base system.
10:28 Ticket #6 (Fix KDE samba/NFS sharing) created by tim
Fix KDE's support for allowing easy addition of both NFS & Samba shares to …
10:27 Ticket #5 (Backup / Restore GUI) created by tim
Create GUI tool to allow both the backing up, and restoration of user & …
10:26 Ticket #4 (Fix i18n Support) created by tim
Fix i18n Support
10:19 Ticket #3 (VPN GUI) created by tim
Create GUI VPN configuration tool. Alternatively, attempt to fix KDE's …
10:18 Ticket #2 (Re-write PC-BSD Online Updater to grab .tbz packages to update base system) reopened by tim
10:18 Ticket #2 (Re-write PC-BSD Online Updater to grab .tbz packages to update base system) closed by tim
10:18 Ticket #2 (Re-write PC-BSD Online Updater to grab .tbz packages to update base system) created by tim
Re-write PC-BSD Online Updater to grab .tbz packages to update base system
10:17 Ticket #1 (XOrg GUI) closed by tim
10:16 Ticket #1 (XOrg GUI) created by tim
Produce a GUI tool to provide configuration of the XOrg windowing system.


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