14:35 Ticket #56 (Flash don´t work in 1.4Final) closed by tim
worksforme: Unable to replicate. On a fresh install of 1.4-RELEASE, Flash works on …
12:57 Ticket #56 (Flash don´t work in 1.4Final) created by Plage
Opera and Flash are OK Mozilla Firefox & Konqueror don´t work


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Lol, fixed typo again, need to read it first (diff)
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Fixed typo (diff)
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16:08 ReportHalBugs created by kris
Added initial HAL problem page
16:03 WikiStart edited by kris
Added link to new page regarding HAL bug submission (diff)
15:32 Ticket #55 (Ability to remove multiple PBIs in one go) created by gerard
It would be handy to be able to delete multiple PBIs in one go in the PBI …
15:10 Ticket #54 (Change Clock layout for Latin Langs) created by kris
In the next release of PC-BSD, update the installer to modify the kde …


13:25 Ticket #53 (Software Components are not PBI Version!) created by Plage
He probably means that the add / remove components such as KDE Games / …
09:25 Ticket #52 (RAID support) created by gerard
The 1.3 Installer had support for RAID. This has been taken out of 1.4 …


12:19 Ticket #51 (Configuration Wizzard after install.) created by josiaslg
So, here go again. =). This suggests affect the install. First, in the …


23:10 Ticket #50 (unable to load printer driver (Foomatic) for epson stylus photo 825) created by tcg
While trying to add printer, either in user mode or admin mode the …
20:01 Ticket #49 (Install / Move config.) created by josiaslg
Hi, this is new suggests to the project about installation and after that. …
08:18 Ticket #48 (if_em driver) closed by kris
wontfix: The patch may work, but at this point we are trying to not include any …
01:35 Ticket #48 (if_em driver) created by jon@…
There is a bug in the if_em driver that chips with 1.4RC. This causes …


03:19 Ticket #47 (Allow scan_ssid to be set if AP isn't broadcasting its ssid.) created by tim
If the AP isn't broadcasting its ssid, scan_ssid=1 needs to be added to …


06:41 Ticket #46 (Improve bootup time) created by gerard
06:40 Ticket #45 (Different versions: Light, Thin Client, LiveCD, Server) created by gerard
Create different versions: LiveCD Thin Client version Light/laptop …
06:22 Ticket #44 (Migration tool) created by gerard
Migration tool from Windows to PC-BSD (IE favourites, Firefox bookmarks, …
06:21 Ticket #43 (Enhancements for Terminals) created by gerard
Terminal server enabling features in "System Tool" (requested by Andrei - …
06:18 Ticket #42 (Backup Manager) created by gerard
Backup Utility - http://forums.pcbsd.org/viewtopic.php?t=5656. The …
05:56 Ticket #41 (Windows WIFI drivers GUI) created by gerard
Create GUI for using Windows WIFI drivers (Project Evil)
05:54 Ticket #40 (Graphical Samba file sharing management) created by gerard
Create graphical Samba file sharing management
05:53 Ticket #39 (Partition manager) created by gerard
Build partition manager into Installation
05:49 Ticket #38 (Rolling out a lot of PC-BSD workstations easy) created by gerard
Create utility/tool to make rolling out a lot of PC-BSD workstations easy
05:47 Ticket #37 (Improved control panel) created by gerard
In case KDE4.0 lacks clean/intuitive control panel, create one like Ubuntu …
05:45 Ticket #36 (Make KDE theme apply to GTK / Wine) created by gerard
Make the KDE theme apply automatically to GTK / Wine
05:43 Ticket #35 (Impove look-n-feel) created by gerard
Improve consistency of bootsplash, kdm theme and kde splash
02:28 Ticket #34 (Allow PBI script to abort installation) created by tim
Allow scripts executed within a PBI installation to abort that …


13:51 Ticket #33 (Gui Instalation/optmizing/enhancement) created by josiaslg
Add some meu on the top that never changes having advanced options like …
13:42 Ticket #32 (Add NTP configuration to GUI) created by kris
At some point we need to go through and add a small NTP configuration GUI …
10:14 Ticket #31 (Add BSSID support to WiFi tool) created by kris
Setup the WiFi? tool to use bssid keys in addition to the normal ssid …


09:15 Ticket #29 (Xorg GUI refuses to set up proper screen resolution) closed by kris
fixed: The latest snapshot after 9-12-07 should fix this now, uses the …
05:59 Ticket #30 (MD5 support in the PBI Creator) created by gerard
Several people have suggested to use digital signature and integrity check …


10:41 Ticket #28 (PORTS on RELEASE DISC - insufficient info) closed by kris
invalid: That is correct, we don't include any port management tools by default, …
10:38 Ticket #27 (LOGIN SCREEN - ICONS UNSATISFACTORY) closed by kris
fixed: Thanks for the heads up! I've fixed it up here to work a bit better, and …
10:15 Ticket #26 (Untranslated messages) closed by kris
fixed: I was able to get the Firewall problem fixed, and I'm still looking into …


07:39 Ticket #24 (Change name of Norwegian language in language selection screen) closed by kris
fixed: Fixed as of 9-10-07!


04:05 Ticket #29 (Xorg GUI refuses to set up proper screen resolution) created by andrei
Can't set proper resolution for my Samsung SyncMaster? 913N LCD with ATI …
00:09 Ticket #28 (PORTS on RELEASE DISC - insufficient info) created by mgreen
When you have installed 1.4RC and PORTS from CD2, you find you have no bpm …


23:44 Ticket #27 (LOGIN SCREEN - ICONS UNSATISFACTORY) created by mgreen
This is a very minor thing - but it is a "first impression" thing. The two …
06:19 Ticket #26 (Untranslated messages) created by Derbeth
There are some messages in latest Friday 7th September snapshot that are …
03:20 Ticket #23 ("All tickets by milestone" on trac errors out) closed by tim
fixed: Thanks, due to an incompatibility with using PostgreSQL. For future …
01:21 Ticket #25 (Auto-select keyboard layout and timezone) created by Derbeth
With most languages the installer might automatically choose keyboard …
01:18 Ticket #24 (Change name of Norwegian language in language selection screen) created by Derbeth
Please change "Norwegian Bookmal" to "Norwegian Bokmål". There is no such …


18:54 Ticket #23 ("All tickets by milestone" on trac errors out) created by kad77
Hi, this is Trac related: I meant to close off ticket #20 with this reply …
18:40 Ticket #20 (Immediate freeze on intial X screen, before installer) closed by kris
fixed: Fixed, I've add an option to the loader that says "Run installer in VESA …
01:32 Ticket #22 (http://bugs.pcbsd.org/ does not exist) closed by tim
fixed: Thanks for the headsup, it's fixed :)


22:39 Ticket #22 (http://bugs.pcbsd.org/ does not exist) created by kad77
On PC-BSD homepage, the 'Support'->'Bugs' link in the upper menu leads to …
22:34 Ticket #21 (Installer cannot write any files to disk, can partition however) created by kad77
22:21 Ticket #20 (Immediate freeze on intial X screen, before installer) created by kad77
On nForce4 chipset, AMD64 processor, nVidia 7800GT (DVI cable) 1.4rc1 …
13:50 Ticket #19 (Problem with Polish characters in default fonts) closed by kris
fixed: Fixed it here, turns out its the bitstream-vera port which is causing the …
06:51 CrashHandler created by tim
Added CrashHandler component.


15:55 Ticket #19 (Problem with Polish characters in default fonts) created by Derbeth
After fresh install of 1.4RC with Polish language set, all texts are …
10:47 Ticket #18 (Improve sound detection script) created by kris
The current sound-detection script is rather poor at detecting newer cards …
09:58 Ticket #16 (Bug using driver NVidia 100.14.11 and OpenGL) closed by kris
wontfix: Thanks for the report! Unfortunately this is something that we can't fix …


10:37 Developers edited by tim
Added link to development guidelines (diff)
10:35 DevelopmentGuidelines created by tim
08:36 Developers edited by tim
Added link to FreeBSD developers' handbook (diff)
08:12 Ticket #17 (Error with install modifying hard disk.) created by toomany
This was a bug with "tar" returning a non-0 exit status when using a lot …


10:04 Ticket #15 (Special characters in root password do not work) closed by tim
fixed: Fixed in r659
09:00 Developers edited by tim
Added links to Qt & KDE APIs (diff)
08:02 WikiStart edited by tim
Added a link to the developers' index page. (diff)
08:00 Developers created by tim
07:42 Modules created by tim


10:49 Ticket #16 (Bug using driver NVidia 100.14.11 and OpenGL) created by lisette
I have a Dell Precision M90 and Installed the latest version available in …


23:48 Ticket #15 (Special characters in root password do not work) created by cmb
At least one or some special characters in the root password field in the …


09:20 Ticket #14 (Booting up messages) created by gerard
Kris wrote on 30-Aug to the the testing list: As for the boot process, …
08:44 Ticket #10 (Windows Key configured wrong) closed by kris
fixed: This has been addressed in 1.4. We've decided to go back to using the Win …
01:20 Ticket #13 (PBI Directory down) closed by tim
invalid: 'Works for me'. Additionally, pbiDir isn't a part of the PC-BSD project. …


13:43 Ticket #13 (PBI Directory down) created by anonymous
http://www.pbidir.com/ is down


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