14:36 Ticket #69 (Upgrading from 1.3 to 1.4 - PC-BSD starts with error) created by vintagevolks2000
After upgrading from 1.3 to 1.4, everytime I boot up I get the following …
11:39 Ticket #68 (The Matrix screensaver is not in the 1.4 release, but it was in the BETA, ...) created by vintagevolks2000
The Matrix screen saver is not in the 1.4 release, but it was in the BETA, …
09:00 Ticket #53 (Software Components are not PBI Version!) closed by kris
08:57 Ticket #66 (hard lockups) closed by kris
08:46 Ticket #17 (Error with install modifying hard disk.) closed by kris


02:46 Ticket #67 (russian filenames) created by dcnov
After installation of PC-BSD 1.4. choosing national language (russian) - …


20:22 Ticket #66 (hard lockups) created by RobP7
We believe this was caused by powerd being enabled and some certain AMD …


06:00 Developers edited by tim
Added a link to the GettingSource page (diff)
05:59 GettingSource created by tim
A simple page briefly outlining subversion use


05:23 Ticket #65 (Webpages cause lock up and hard reboot) created by justin_p
When I visit certain webpages (in both Konqueror and FF) they cause the …


06:34 Ticket #11 (Fix the bug [622] fixes properly) closed by tim
fixed: Fixed in r786


11:40 Ticket #55 (Ability to remove multiple PBIs in one go) closed by tim
fixed: Implemented in r784


17:41 Ticket #64 (Include translations for the documentation of KDE's applications) created by charles
I think it's important to include translations for the documentation of …


10:09 Ticket #63 (partition overlap) created by syn001
When i've tried to make a partition with pc-bsd installer i've selected …
09:32 Ticket #50 (unable to load printer driver (Foomatic) for epson stylus photo 825) closed by tim
invalid: This isn't a bug. You need to install the gutenprint print driver before …
09:15 Ticket #40 (Graphical Samba file sharing management) closed by tim
duplicate: Duplicate of #6


09:54 Ticket #62 (Network Adapter Settings) closed by tim
fixed: Fixed in r781
03:29 Ticket #62 (Network Adapter Settings) created by corza
When disabling the Ethernet network adapter and hitting Apply, the apply …


04:24 Ticket #61 (Indonesian Language) created by putu
There is no indonesian language at Installation of PC-BSD, 1st CD and 2nd …


09:16 Ticket #60 (Timezone for Melbourne, Australia incorrect in installer) closed by kris
fixed: Fixed here! It'll show up in the first update to the CD's we issue.


16:28 Ticket #60 (Timezone for Melbourne, Australia incorrect in installer) created by pbirch
During the installation, the timezone selection screen incorrectly shows …
07:21 Ticket #59 (Login Screen) closed by tim
invalid: This isn't a bug. The KDM login has been themed, as that post documents. …


11:51 Ticket #59 (Login Screen) created by Plage
http://forums.pcbsd.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9809 the wrong login screen?
07:26 Ticket #21 (Installer cannot write any files to disk, can partition however) closed by tim
duplicate: The problem has been tracked down to an issue with tar itself. For some …
04:21 Ticket #58 (Typo: OpenOffice.org named "OpenOffice") closed by tim
fixed: Fixed in r770


10:09 Ticket #58 (Typo: OpenOffice.org named "OpenOffice") created by charles
In the system installer, there's a typo in the additional component …
08:07 Ticket #57 (Add several neat options to the contextual menu) created by charles
Terry asked for a few …
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