03:44 Ticket #105 (OpenOffice accents problem) closed by tim
invalid: This is not a PC-BSD bug, but a PBI one. Please report the bug to the PBI …


10:47 Ticket #106 (pbidir.com - user for pbi) closed by TWiN
fixed: [1505] fixes this ticket
10:46 Ticket #106 (pbidir.com - user for pbi) created by TWiN
The user for the PBIs should be only the ones that are in specific groups …
10:11 Ticket #99 (pbidir.com - user administration) closed by TWiN
fixed: [1504]closes this ticket.


11:45 Ticket #98 (RSS in pbiDir) closed by TWiN
fixed: fixed with [1502]
10:00 Ticket #102 (pbidir.com - add new fields) closed by TWiN


19:49 Ticket #105 (OpenOffice accents problem) created by tommy_yanez
In the PBI version of OpenOffice?.org 2.2.1, included in PC-BSD 1.4, the …


18:31 Ticket #104 (pbidir.com - problem with release dates) closed by TWiN
fixed: [1471] fixes the problem
18:14 Ticket #104 (pbidir.com - problem with release dates) created by TWiN
When releasing a new PBI, the dates of the previous releases are all …
06:02 Ticket #103 (i18n support for pbidir) closed by TWiN
duplicate: This is part of the ticket #97. Setting this as duplicated
05:29 Ticket #103 (i18n support for pbidir) created by kafkaesk
PC-BSD is one of the best i18n supported system of the world, so whats …


17:36 Ticket #102 (pbidir.com - add new fields) created by TWiN
Add a couple of new fields to the PBIs: - alternative for Window package …


05:57 Ticket #101 (Mouse pointer blocked if mouse moves slowly.) created by GloomMan
Good day. I'd like to report a strange behavior of my mouse on PC-BSD. My …


07:24 Ticket #4 (Fix i18n Support) closed by kris
fixed: New translations will be going up into Pootle for 1.5. Most of these …


13:12 Ticket #35 (Impove look-n-feel) closed by kris
fixed: The kde splash looks good now, along with the kdm-theme. Bootsplash is …
13:09 Ticket #9 (Merge PBI tools & PC-BSD Software tools) closed by kris
fixed: Sorta done. The UPdate PBI feature has been merged into the "System …
13:05 Ticket #46 (Improve bootup time) closed by kris
wontfix: We'll have to address this later, as it may require some changes to FBSD …
12:38 Ticket #34 (Allow PBI script to abort installation) closed by kris
fixed: This is more specific to the PBI format, not 1.5, however I've already …
12:37 Ticket #57 (Add several neat options to the contextual menu) closed by kris
fixed: Some of these are already done. If you have K3B installed, you can …
12:32 Ticket #3 (VPN GUI) closed by kris
wontfix: This probably wont happen for 1.5, when we get time we'll see about doing …
12:31 Ticket #31 (Add BSSID support to WiFi tool) closed by kris
fixed: Added BSSID support to the Wifi tool for 1.5!
11:46 Ticket #14 (Booting up messages) closed by kris
invalid: There is work being done right now on a much nicer graphical boot option …
11:31 Ticket #32 (Add NTP configuration to GUI) closed by kris
fixed: I agree, this one is probably not all that important, we'll revisit it …
11:30 Ticket #2 (Re-write PC-BSD Online Updater to grab .tbz packages to update base system) closed by kris
fixed: Closed, A new system update tool has been written, which will make the …
07:41 Ticket #91 (wlan ssid can't have space characters) closed by tim
fixed: Fixed in r1412. SSID may now contain spaces.


07:30 Ticket #95 (keyboard layout doesn't change in firefox) closed by tim
invalid: Please report this bug to the Firefox PBI maintainer. This bug tracker is …
07:29 Ticket #93 (PBI Error Warning) closed by tim
invalid: This is likely not a bug in PC-BSD, but the PBI(s) you installed. Please …


04:48 Ticket #100 (pbidir.com - search capability) created by TWiN
When the drop down is too big, would be great to have a search capability …
04:45 Ticket #99 (pbidir.com - user administration) created by TWiN
ability to change the status of some users in "bulk"
04:44 Ticket #98 (RSS in pbiDir) created by TWiN
there is need to have RSS feeds for pbidir.com - latest pbi added - …
04:39 Ticket #97 (ability for user to choose language) created by TWiN
on pbidir.com would be nice if the user is able to choose the language. …


04:20 Ticket #96 (Show different menu items per user (e.g kids)) created by gerard
it might be useful to have an extra feature in the PBI installer which …


00:31 Ticket #95 (keyboard layout doesn't change in firefox) created by guzenkov
keyboard layout doesn't change in firefox, although it changes in all …


19:12 Ticket #94 (Version to Notebook Asus EeePC) created by josiaslg
Hi, This suggest affect who using EeePC for home or for school. Here in …
18:57 Ticket #93 (PBI Error Warning) created by josiaslg
Hi, I installed some PBI's and after the installation he ask if i want …
11:39 Ticket #92 (Printer Auto Detected) created by josiaslg
Hi, This time is for better printer installation. I don't know if that is …


16:04 Ticket #90 (35% packet loss with rt2561 (ral)) closed by thorstenhirsch
fixed: fixed in (FreeBSD 6.3)


15:54 Ticket #91 (wlan ssid can't have space characters) created by thorstenhirsch
Example ssid: My WLAN The network manager shows "My" only, thus selecting …
15:50 Ticket #90 (35% packet loss with rt2561 (ral)) created by thorstenhirsch
network configuration: dhcp, wep128, ipv4 wlan card: MSI PC54G2 (rt2561 …
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