13:19 Ticket #118 (Missing X.org Fonts) created by pheet
X.org Fonts (truetype I belive) are msssin gin the install, leading to …


17:12 Ticket #117 (Add roaming support to wifi tool) created by kafkaesk
My idea is adding a profile manager to wifi tool, this should make …


04:47 Ticket #116 (PBI Updates via the new System Updater in PC-BSD 1.5 fail) created by TheThunderer
System Updater works for System Updates but not for PBI Updates. After …


11:43 Ticket #115 (PCBSD Update Manager should require root password to install updates) created by pheet
The new Update Manager in 1.5 does not require the root password to …
10:20 Ticket #114 (KCron and some applications cannot read - unknown code page) reopened by VictorVG
08:11 Ticket #114 (KCron and some applications cannot read - unknown code page) closed by tim
invalid: The fact remains however, that this bug is not a PC-BSD bug, and that …


21:09 Ticket #114 (KCron and some applications cannot read - unknown code page) created by VictorVG
I have read defect for Russian translation on KDE 3.5.7/3.5.8 for Cron and …
02:48 Ticket #113 (Quick guide is not complete) created by kafkaesk
There missing some .htm files in the PC-BSD quickguide on fresh installed …


03:08 Milestone 1.5 completed


13:11 Ticket #111 (Missing Italian translation strings in installer) closed by pheet
fixed: Looking at http://snapshots1.pcbsd.org/tsfiles/pcinstall_it.ts this …
12:51 Ticket #112 (Missing GEOM ELI module in kernel) created by pheet
THe PCBSD kernel in the 1.4 series is missing the GELI module. I feel …
12:44 Ticket #111 (Missing Italian translation strings in installer) created by pheet
Not all of the strings are translated when chosing the Italian language …
12:40 Ticket #110 (Disable splash screen for nvidia drivers) created by pheet
When one of the proprietry nvidia drivers is chosen when running the xorg …
12:36 Ticket #109 (Disable Hardware acceleration for nvidia legacy driver 71xx) created by pheet
When the nvidia-driver-71xx legacy driver is chosen, hardware acceleration …
12:24 Ticket #108 (Incorrect keyboard layout in xorg configurator) created by pheet
The x.org configurator always sets the keyboard layout to US. As this can …


08:00 Ticket #107 (PC-BSD 1.3 and desktopBSD utils) reopened by TWiN
I removed the PBI, upgraded to 1.4, and it still was not working until …
04:49 Ticket #107 (PC-BSD 1.3 and desktopBSD utils) closed by tim
wontfix: This is because 1.3 uses the DesktopBSD tools for user management. You …


12:40 Ticket #107 (PC-BSD 1.3 and desktopBSD utils) created by TWiN
I was getting ready to upgrade PC-BSD from 1.3 to 1.4. I removed all the …


10:23 Ticket #47 (Allow scan_ssid to be set if AP isn't broadcasting its ssid.) closed by kris
fixed: Fixed for 1.5!
10:11 Ticket #86 (french keyboard not configured) closed by kris
fixed: This should be fixed for 1.5, if it doesn't work though, I'll need more …


03:44 Ticket #105 (OpenOffice accents problem) closed by tim
invalid: This is not a PC-BSD bug, but a PBI one. Please report the bug to the PBI …


10:47 Ticket #106 (pbidir.com - user for pbi) closed by TWiN
fixed: [1505] fixes this ticket
10:46 Ticket #106 (pbidir.com - user for pbi) created by TWiN
The user for the PBIs should be only the ones that are in specific groups …
10:11 Ticket #99 (pbidir.com - user administration) closed by TWiN
fixed: [1504]closes this ticket.


11:45 Ticket #98 (RSS in pbiDir) closed by TWiN
fixed: fixed with [1502]
10:00 Ticket #102 (pbidir.com - add new fields) closed by TWiN


19:49 Ticket #105 (OpenOffice accents problem) created by tommy_yanez
In the PBI version of OpenOffice?.org 2.2.1, included in PC-BSD 1.4, the …


18:31 Ticket #104 (pbidir.com - problem with release dates) closed by TWiN
fixed: [1471] fixes the problem
18:14 Ticket #104 (pbidir.com - problem with release dates) created by TWiN
When releasing a new PBI, the dates of the previous releases are all …
06:02 Ticket #103 (i18n support for pbidir) closed by TWiN
duplicate: This is part of the ticket #97. Setting this as duplicated
05:29 Ticket #103 (i18n support for pbidir) created by kafkaesk
PC-BSD is one of the best i18n supported system of the world, so whats …


17:36 Ticket #102 (pbidir.com - add new fields) created by TWiN
Add a couple of new fields to the PBIs: - alternative for Window package …


05:57 Ticket #101 (Mouse pointer blocked if mouse moves slowly.) created by GloomMan
Good day. I'd like to report a strange behavior of my mouse on PC-BSD. My …
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