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12:05 Ticket #158 (Translations unuseable if they are not completed) created by stasike
There are very few languages that have 100% of strings translated. I use …


11:51 Ticket #157 (File permissions wrong for USB Scanner) closed by kris
fixed: We already have some defines setup in /etc/devfs.rules similar to this. …
02:38 Ticket #157 (File permissions wrong for USB Scanner) created by lme
In PC-BSD 7.01 my USB scanner (Canon LiDE 25) is properly recognized as …


04:39 Ticket #156 (Olympus C-370Z not detected or automounted) created by udragon
The Olympus C-370Z camera is not detected or mounted on PC-BSD.


00:07 Ticket #155 (Graphical TTY support by default.) created by udragon
Enabling graphical TTY support by default by adding "options VESA" and …
00:04 Ticket #154 (Synchronice local tty login keymaps/locale with x-keymap/locale) created by udragon
When a login to a TTY (locally) it's annoying that the keymap is not …


12:14 Ticket #153 (2nd Test bug) closed by kris
fixed: Closing test bug report.
12:13 Ticket #153 (2nd Test bug) created by kris
Testing this bug report for the mailing list. Ignore me!
11:24 Ticket #152 (Test Ticket) closed by kris
11:23 Ticket #152 (Test Ticket) created by kris
This is a sample ticket to test e-mail CC.
11:15 Ticket #117 (Add roaming support to wifi tool) closed by kris
fixed: Added in PC-BSD 7.0.1, you can now specify multiple wifi profiles / …
11:14 Ticket #130 (NTFS-3G) closed by kris
fixed: Added in 7.0.1 update, now you can mount with NTFS-3G directly through …
11:13 Ticket #148 (Version 7 vmware virtual machine won't unzip on Ubuntu) closed by kris
fixed: This should be fixed for 7.0.1 VMware image. It unzips fine with the …
10:11 Ticket #76 (Installer writes outside selected partition) closed by kris
fixed: I'm going to mark this as fixed in 7.0.1. The installer should stay within …
09:45 Ticket #67 (russian filenames) closed by yerenkow
09:37 Ticket #151 (cilxNFbvlcQRhu) closed by yerenkow
09:36 Ticket #94 (Version to Notebook Asus EeePC) closed by yerenkow
worksforme: There are some issues still, but more or less it's run well on my 900.
09:35 Ticket #80 (Upgrade from 1.3.5 to 1.4.1) closed by yerenkow


17:33 Ticket #151 (cilxNFbvlcQRhu) created by jqtnmspeji
r94pZi <a href="http://evpfoqveshwj.com/">evpfoqveshwj</a>, …


02:13 Ticket #150 (DHCP client - networking problem) created by anonymous
The DHCP client and basic networking associated with it does not operate …
02:08 Ticket #149 (Install continous reboot cycle - screen saver display blanking bug?) created by anonymous
The install continuously reboots in a cycle when left unattended, possibly …


19:42 Ticket #147 (kucNFemMbETgVmQgB) closed by kris
19:28 Ticket #136 (Network manager fails) closed by kris
invalid: Correct, DHCP overrides any DNS settings specified in resolv.conf. We may …


13:16 Ticket #148 (Version 7 vmware virtual machine won't unzip on Ubuntu) created by dlp@…
The downloaded .zip file for the Version 7 virtual machine can't be …


15:52 Ticket #147 (kucNFemMbETgVmQgB) created by drhcxskg
uUGN5f <a href="http://bbtqlrjrnjbd.com/">bbtqlrjrnjbd</a>, …
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