Sep 4, 2009:

3:26 AM Ticket #144 (Wine's gdi32: palette test fails in PC-BSD) closed by yerenkow
fixed: tests gdi32: palette runs OK
3:24 AM Ticket #142 (Wine's quartz: filtermapper test fails in PC-BSD) closed by yerenkow
fixed: quartz: filtermapper tests run OK

Sep 1, 2009:

1:40 PM Ticket #178 (Changes with wireless network) created by yerenkow
In 8.0 introduced changes with wireless network, for multi-ssid New net …
1:31 PM Ticket #177 (Unable to continue installation) created by yerenkow
If some file didn't copied (read/error) or else, there is no option for …
1:25 PM Ticket #176 (Interrupt of upgrade, corrupt old version) created by yerenkow
1. Have some version of PC-BSD 2. Start upgrading 3. Stop upgrading …

Aug 28, 2009:

11:40 AM Ticket #175 (PC-BSD guide in ODT format do not include images) created by navratil
file downloaded from http://docs.pcbsd.org/guide/index_single.odt do not …

Aug 21, 2009:

7:31 PM Ticket #174 (Problem sending data to printer) created by rfalanga
I have PCBSD latest version, it was installed a month ago. I am new on …

Aug 14, 2009:

2:09 AM Ticket #173 (subversion context menu exist but not working (cosmetic bug)) created by yurkis
Context menu has subversion submenu that is not working.

Aug 12, 2009:

6:16 AM Ticket #172 (Python (and possible Ruby) plasmoids can not run) created by yurkis
When I download plasmoid and try to add it to desktop I have error "can't …
5:30 AM Ticket #171 (Garbage on screen with two monitors) created by yurkis
When X.ORG is not configured (installation and first run) I see only …

Aug 11, 2009:

1:18 PM Ticket #170 (Add mirrors to PC-BSD Update Manager) created by lme
pbidir.com offers you some mirrors to download the PBIs from. On servers …

Aug 10, 2009:

8:26 AM Ticket #169 (pc-bsd 7.1.1 x86-64 install failure) created by unixdawg
zfs warning recommened minimum kmem_size is 512 expect unstable behavior …
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