08:30 Ticket #290 (Broken Intel driver causing radom freezes and massive unstable behavure.) created by patser
The Intel driver with 3d enables is extremely unstable on my HP Pavilion …


02:53 Ticket #289 (virtualbox: installation freezes at early stage of booting up) created by macias
I try to install the newest PCBSD, since I am new to this distro, I am …


10:42 Ticket #287 (destination directory for backups) closed by kris
fixed: Thanks for the suggestion! I've added this to LifePreserver? in 8-Stable …


09:13 Ticket #286 (cups group missing) closed by kris
fixed: Thanks, this has been fixed in 8-Stable, looks like the cups port we used …


08:22 Ticket #288 (Wireless Network Configuration) created by DangerouslyPassive
When adding a wireless network to the network list, if the SSID is too …


06:57 Ticket #255 (Duplicate Sound Devices Detected...Sound Not Working) closed by kris
fixed: Great! Hopefully the multimedia devs can get that adjusted for 8.1. I'll …


09:25 Ticket #287 (destination directory for backups) created by bjs
It would be very nice if we could specify a destination directory on the …
07:02 Ticket #286 (cups group missing) created by bitraptor
/etc/devfs.rules uses cups group but cups group does not exist


12:35 Ticket #285 (ports/www/w3m: disabled M17N(multilingualization) option.) closed by kris
fixed: Thanks, fixed in that build file in TRUNK :)
06:42 Ticket #285 (ports/www/w3m: disabled M17N(multilingualization) option.) created by yamajun
w3m (ports/www/w3m) is text based web browser/pager. w3m is preferred …
02:56 Ticket #284 (Mouse Wheel unstable in BCPSD-8, keyboard too.) created by GeeKen
The mouse handling has greatly improved since 8-RC1. Its still noticeably …
02:51 Ticket #283 (FireFox 3.6 Crashes) created by GeeKen
FF 3.6 runs great but sometimes crashes. == ' == See crash data …
02:32 Ticket #282 (Sound Devices Bugs) created by GeeKen
Sometimes PC-BSD-8 can't find the Sound Systems "DevA", on Boot. As a …
02:21 Ticket #281 (KeyBoard Caps Lock Key inoperable) created by GeeKen
With PC keyboards, from memory, the Caps Lock LED is turned on by the CPU, …


02:34 Ticket #280 (upgrading FreeBSD is not possible) created by atrox
I installed a fresh FreeBSD-7.1 and tried to upgrade it with PC-BSD …
00:33 Ticket #279 (Marvell 88E8042 doensn't work with PC-BSD 8.0) created by htl
I have no doubt that this is a bug. pciconf http://pastebin.org/111545


11:53 Ticket #278 (Fatal error - BLOCKER) created by ametedinov
In the boot menu, when I press "3" to "Boot in Live Mode" I get the …


02:28 Ticket #231 (Invalid virtual console refresh rate) closed by bitraptor
fixed: Issue arose again after upgrading from 8.0-RC to 8.0. Restored nvidia …
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