10:29 Ticket #291 (No /boot/loader error) reopened by kris
Ok, reopening then. We've made a number of fixes to our installer, maybe …
07:46 Ticket #291 (No /boot/loader error) closed by kris
wontfix: Well, if it works on 32bit but not 64, then it sounds like something wrong …


06:36 Ticket #179 (Automatic tuning for ZFS on i386) closed by kris
invalid: On 8.0 and beyond there really isn't very much kernel tuning to do …
06:31 Ticket #299 (Crypted slice) closed by kris
fixed: Fixed in SVN: http://trac.pcbsd.org/changeset/6780


11:31 Ticket #303 (KDE - KDE Info Center - Crashes when selecting "USB Devices") created by Gogeden
I tried opening the KDE Info Center menu and everything was fine until I …


05:07 Ticket #302 (Restore Desktop Toolbar) closed by kris
invalid: This is something which is out of our control. You'll need to file the bug …


21:35 Ticket #302 (Restore Desktop Toolbar) created by mfh
There is no intuitive way to reinstall a deleted Desktop Toolbar. We …


05:54 Ticket #301 (latest alpha (04.2010) have incorrect libpng version) closed by kris
fixed: This was discussed on -testing list a while back, its fixed for next …
02:31 Ticket #301 (latest alpha (04.2010) have incorrect libpng version) created by yerenkow
... so, PBI's can't be run :( Easily fixing, via copying or linking …
01:06 Ticket #300 (Better not show non-created partitions) created by yerenkow
If I have empty da0; I created da0s1; At slices wizard, I see da0s1 and …
00:24 Ticket #299 (Crypted slice) created by yerenkow
When I click "encrypt" in slice dialog, popup appears, with "enter …
00:21 Ticket #298 (Installer fails) created by yerenkow
I have reproduceable bug here. I created partition da0s1 which is 65536 …
00:19 Ticket #297 (Slice editor didn't store last selected partition) created by yerenkow
I have ada0, da0s1, da0s2 (for example) I'm trying to install to da0s1; I …


08:49 Ticket #296 (DHCP is not used for the installation if Japanese was selected as the ...) closed by kris
fixed: Thanks for the report, just committed a fix, will be corrected in 8.1
08:16 Ticket #296 (DHCP is not used for the installation if Japanese was selected as the ...) created by kzmi
(1) Boot PC-BSD 8.0 installation CD (boot-only) (2) Select "Japanese" as …


05:01 Ticket #262 (Installing of PBI took longer time) closed by kris


12:12 Ticket #295 (PCBSD Boot CD Installation) created by SCSI
When boot from cd to install pcbsd btx hangs and restart my laptop/pc …


03:29 Ticket #238 (Booting Wireless 3945ABG error) closed by kavolorn
fixed: So, booting fixed :) Thanks a lot! Now I hope I'll test connectivity …


07:20 Ticket #292 (Caps Lock confusingly mapped to Ctrl by default) closed by kris
fixed: Thanks for the report, fixed :) http://trac.pcbsd.org/changeset/6592
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