02:09 Ticket #468 (WPA conf file syntax error) created by yerenkow
Can't get wifi working without hands. Way to reproduce: 1) Have AP with …
02:03 Ticket #467 (Ibus setting in System Settings not working) created by yerenkow
Tried in VirtualBox? image. Checkbox ticked, I re-logged in, and no ibus, …
02:01 Ticket #466 (Install media can't mount disk from encrypted PC-BSD installation) created by yerenkow
So, I see here probably two bugs/problems - 1) we can't get our encrypted …


09:50 Ticket #401 (Skype doesn't work) closed by kris
fixed: This is fixed for 9.0-Release, the OSS option will now show up.
09:24 Ticket #465 (EasyPBI can't build created PBIs.) created by arrowdodger
After selecting module, i click "build PBI" and see following error: …


04:42 Ticket #462 (Libreoffice crashes when "Open" button clicked.) created by arrowdodger
I've installed LO from AppCafe?. When i try to open a file from any LO …
04:37 Ticket #461 (KDevelop doesn't work.) created by arrowdodger
I've installed KDevelop using AppCafe?, but it doesn't work. Shortly after …


08:49 Ticket #429 (Installer should download files in parallel) closed by dlavigne
wontfix: This would put too much workload on the mirrors. However, other …
07:42 Ticket #405 (Partitioner: partition size edit box limit is too low) closed by dlavigne


11:29 Ticket #421 (Broadcom BCM4311 crashes computer on connection to open access point) closed by dlavigne


11:56 Ticket #398 (Instalação em Português do Brasil) closed by dlavigne
10:16 Ticket #354 (Handbook issue in "Writing an IMG File to Flash media" page) closed by dlavigne


06:21 Ticket #440 (Upgrade to RC3 fails due to wrong nvidia-settings package) closed by kris


20:15 Ticket #444 (GUI for editing systls) created by eadler
There should be a gui for editing sysctls. It could start with just …
20:12 Ticket #443 ("System updates available" too aggressive.) created by eadler
During the download phase or install phase of an update the message …
20:10 Ticket #442 (Bug tracker should be linked to under 'community') created by eadler
I, and I imagine many others would expect the "bug tracking" system to be …
07:00 Ticket #441 ("portjail delete" kills /usr/home) closed by kris
fixed: I've just fixed the issue in SVN which wasn't unmounting everything …
06:47 Ticket #441 ("portjail delete" kills /usr/home) created by Nukama
Running "portjail delete" on 9.0-RC3 is not safe. Just "lost" /usr/home …


09:33 Ticket #440 (Upgrade to RC3 fails due to wrong nvidia-settings package) created by tmow
Hello, while trying to upgrade to PC-BSD 9.0-RC3 I receive this error …
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