Jul 3, 2012:

10:16 AM Ticket #431 (Installer should fail gracefully on fetch fail) closed by dlavigne
10:08 AM Ticket #430 (Installer should show download speed) closed by dlavigne

Jun 28, 2012:

11:26 PM Ticket #443 ("System updates available" too aggressive.) reopened by eadler
The option to disable notifications is unrelated to this ticket.
10:38 AM Ticket #608 (Disable install icons menu options on PBIs without icons in appcafe.) closed by kenmoore
fixed: I just added this capability to the AppCafe? for the next snapshot. Thanks …
8:57 AM Ticket #487 (portjail script improvements) closed by joshms
wontfix: Port jail has now become obsolete with the new improvements to the warden …
8:54 AM Ticket #443 ("System updates available" too aggressive.) closed by joshms
fixed: We have added an option to the software to allow you to disable update …
8:37 AM Ticket #623 (Sleep Mode Not Working with PCBSD) created by joshms
This suggestion was originally accepted from the forums from user Minghi. …

Jun 26, 2012:

10:54 AM Ticket #415 (Can't mount ntfs in Nautilus / pcman fm) closed by kenmoore
3rdpartybug: This looks like bugs within the Nautilus/pcmanfm programs themselves, …
10:02 AM Ticket #444 (GUI for editing systls) closed by joshms
wontfix: In this case we won't create a gui. Editing the sysctls is for very …
9:49 AM Ticket #604 (AppCafe not working behind proxy.) closed by joshms

Jun 25, 2012:

12:33 PM Ticket #605 (Minecraft 1.0 cannot be updated) closed by kenmoore
fixed: I just updated the Minecraft PBI to take this into consideration. It will …
10:36 AM Ticket #306 (Cannot boot from mirrored zfs setup) closed by joshms

Jun 16, 2012:

4:18 AM Ticket #615 (No Sound) created by dbrons
Lo people, I still have no sound since the first install of my PCBSD 9 …

Jun 7, 2012:

11:14 PM Ticket #609 ("Dim Display" power setting + VirtualBox inactivity = system hangs) created by dacha
I have PC-BSD 9 running on VirtualBox? 4.1.2_Ubuntu r38459 on an Ubuntu …
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