06:49 Ticket #630 (Side-effects of proxy settings) closed by kris
invalid: I did some testing here and could not duplicate your problem. My guess is …


23:57 Ticket #630 (Side-effects of proxy settings) created by beat
I have to set a proxy with user authentication on my workstation. The …
11:30 Ticket #574 (New users: Menu auto-refresh every 4 seconds on LXDE) closed by joshms
worksforme: Hey TWiN. I tried duplicating your issue on an x86 installation and a x64 …
10:41 Ticket #345 (Cannot create /tmp as mountpoint inside ZFS pool during 8.1 installation) closed by joshms
fixed: This version is now obsolete and shouldn't be an issue so i'm going to …
10:39 Ticket #344 (8.1 installer gets confused when asked for two separate ZFS pools) closed by joshms
fixed: Thanks for all the feedback here. This should be fixed as of 9.1 so …
10:37 Ticket #340 (Disk Encryption Password breaks with Non-QWERTY keyboards) closed by joshms
invalid: This ticket is for an obsolete version. Please let us know if you have …
10:35 Ticket #337 (Enhanced Version) closed by joshms
wontfix: Currently we don't want to do any additional compiles, but we may enable …
10:32 Ticket #297 (Slice editor didn't store last selected partition) closed by joshms
invalid: This bug is for an obsolete installer. Since it no longer applies i'm …
08:13 Ticket #503 (VirtualBox Guest - Need To Click The Mouse Several Times) closed by joshms
08:09 Ticket #485 (Cannot eject CD from file manager) closed by joshms
fixed: The install media can only be ejected in 9.1-BETA1 after rebooting, and I …
08:07 Ticket #443 ("System updates available" too aggressive.) closed by joshms
fixed: All the changes we are going to make currently to the updater have been …


12:55 Ticket #629 (VirtualBox guest kernel module gets loaded after display manager) closed by kris
fixed: Fixed, thanks!!
08:26 Ticket #629 (VirtualBox guest kernel module gets loaded after display manager) created by dannomac
Running PCBSD 9.1-BETA1 I found that the kernel module for a VirtualBox …


12:12 Ticket #578 (mouse pointer and system stops and only starts when key is pressed (shift)) closed by joshms


10:21 Ticket #346 (Cannot create /usr and /usr/ports as ZFS mountpoints during installation) closed by kenmoore
fixed: Closing this ticket as it does not appear to be an issue with the PC-BSD …
10:16 Ticket #615 (No Sound) closed by kenmoore
fixed: There is a new utility in the PC-BSD 9.1 Control Panel that will let the …
10:10 Ticket #595 (rc.conf and wpa_supplicant.conf gets corrupted on configuring network via ...) closed by kenmoore
3rdpartybug: Closing this ticket as a 3rd party bug since it appears that only using …
10:02 Ticket #347 (Selecting encryption causes timezones to disappear) closed by kenmoore
fixed: Does not appear to be an issue with the upcoming PC-BSD 9.1 (did not test …
10:00 Ticket #341 (Disk encryption - double entry of password does not lead to warning) closed by kenmoore


10:16 Ticket #431 (Installer should fail gracefully on fetch fail) closed by dlavigne
10:08 Ticket #430 (Installer should show download speed) closed by dlavigne
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