Mar 8, 2013:

10:51 AM Ticket #691 (PCBSD 9.1 - Bugginess experiences, so far) closed by joshms
wontfix: I've never been able to duplicate anything close to your 490 processes …
10:15 AM Ticket #703 (endless loop in X setup) closed by kris
fixed: This should be fixed in the recent ISO images. Re-open if you can still …
10:12 AM Ticket #666 (PC-BSD 9.1 RC1 (and 9.0 stable) Won't Recognize GeForce 8400) closed by joshms
wontfix: Closing this ticket due to inactivity from the reporter. Please reopen if …
10:11 AM Ticket #672 (USB live image assumes root is /cdmnt) closed by kris
fixed: Should be fixed with recent updates. Re-open if you still see problems.
10:08 AM Ticket #680 (pc-thinclient doesn't work on 9.1-RC*.) closed by kris
10:07 AM Ticket #685 (virtualbox bridged adapter not working since upgrade from 9.0 to 9.1) closed by kris
fixed: Closed due to no response, works for me in 9.1 with the latest PBI in …
10:06 AM Ticket #710 (Automatic pkg upgrade fails: xscreensaver conflict with xscreensaver-gnome) closed by kris
fixed: Sure, you can install the various meta-pkgs using the "pc-metapkgmanager" …
9:55 AM Ticket #704 (ZFS and heavy resource utilization) closed by kris
wontfix: ZFS is an enterprise grade file-system, and as such will rely more heavily …
9:54 AM Ticket #694 (live image does not contain installer) closed by joshms
wontfix: Thanks for your submission. This is by design for PCBSD. Our live image …

Mar 7, 2013:

8:26 AM Ticket #711 (meta-pkg set emptied by some config script; system-mgr shows no installed ...) created by mjollnirpaul
but /usr/local/share/pcbsd/metaset has two subdirs, pcbd and trueos. Both …

Mar 5, 2013:

5:33 PM Ticket #710 (Automatic pkg upgrade fails: xscreensaver conflict with xscreensaver-gnome) created by mjollnirpaul
and afterwards the meta-pkg list shown in the system-manager is empty. …

Feb 27, 2013:

4:26 PM Ticket #709 (Adjust date in filenames to have (sort alphabetical = sort by date)) created by mjollnirpaul
change: PCBSD-9.1-RELEASE-02-26-2013-... to: …

Feb 25, 2013:

3:27 PM Ticket #708 (9.1 is out but TRAC still makes us file under 'Version' 9.1-RC3) closed by dlavigne
fixed: Thanks for the heads up! Closing ticket as fixed.

Feb 22, 2013:

12:41 AM Ticket #708 (9.1 is out but TRAC still makes us file under 'Version' 9.1-RC3) created by gja
See summary line. Shouldn't TRAC have a Version 9.1 option now?

Feb 21, 2013:

9:16 AM Ticket #707 (ZFS-only system can not save crashdumps (no dumpdev)) created by mjollnirpaul
PC-BSD 9.1 @ amd64 I set (or this was already default) dumpdev to AUTO in …

Feb 19, 2013:

7:39 AM Ticket #706 (EasyPBI fails (en-freebsd-doc and de-freebsd-doc)) created by mjollnirpaul
I could not download these as packages with portinstall (??? that's a bad …
4:54 AM Ticket #705 (Qt apps shall respect desktop style settings) created by mjollnirpaul
The Qt style is set fixed to QtCurve?. (Partial) Fix: in qtconfig-qt4, set …

Feb 17, 2013:

10:41 PM Ticket #704 (ZFS and heavy resource utilization) created by friedg
PCBSD with zfs has high resource (processing and memory) utilization and …

Feb 15, 2013:

5:55 AM Ticket #703 (endless loop in X setup) created by mjollnirpaul
This happened in the VirtualBox? only, that I installed from the DVD image. …
5:48 AM Ticket #702 (Add short help to expand live USB filesystem) created by mjollnirpaul
In the live system, add a short help when asking to expand the filesystem …
5:37 AM Ticket #701 (kernel modules could be loaded automagically) created by mjollnirpaul
1. By default, the system starts many unneded modules, e.g. if I do not …
5:25 AM Ticket #700 (language selection shall propagate to timezone) created by mjollnirpaul
1. The language selection shall propagate to the timezone selection. 2. …
5:12 AM Ticket #699 (Atheros WLAN driver not auto-detected) created by mjollnirpaul
The Atheros AR242x/AR542x is not auto-detected. Maybe an advanced user …
5:05 AM Ticket #698 (boot manager shall deal w/ int'l keyboards) created by mjollnirpaul
At least GRUB has an option to do that. That's very useful.
5:02 AM Ticket #697 (lnaguage selection shall propagate to keyboard type and vice versa; ...) created by mjollnirpaul
1. Whatever is first asked from the user (language/keyboard) shall …
4:58 AM Ticket #696 (keyboard selection shall be started by the installer) created by mjollnirpaul
Not starting the keyboard selection can lead to an unusable system for …
4:44 AM Ticket #695 (Black screen w/ intel integrated graphic) created by mjollnirpaul
On my laptop (Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook S7110) the defaults lead to a blank …
4:30 AM Ticket #694 (live image does not contain installer) created by mjollnirpaul
The live image does not contain the installer. This is a bug, not an …

Feb 14, 2013:

11:28 PM Ticket #693 (VirtualBox metapackage doesn't install gnutls which prevents headless from ...) created by jdmulloy
[…] After installing gnutls-2.12.18_1 […] The VirtualBox?
11:40 AM SystemUpdates edited by kris
11:39 AM patch-20130214-warden-libsh created by kris

Feb 11, 2013:

9:26 AM patch-20130211-test created by kris

Feb 9, 2013:

7:16 AM Ticket #692 (PC-BSD Enhancement for VMWARE Player) created by jdwarren
I like using VMWARE Player because it allows for directly opening the …

Feb 8, 2013:

7:58 AM patch-20130210-thinclient edited by kris
7:58 AM SystemUpdates edited by kris
7:57 AM SystemUpdates edited by kris
7:56 AM SystemUpdates created by kris
7:56 AM WikiStart edited by kris
7:29 AM patch-20130210-thinclient created by kris

Feb 6, 2013:

1:06 PM Ticket #691 (PCBSD 9.1 - Bugginess experiences, so far) created by GeeKen
9.1 is sure the closest thing we have had to a very useful PC platform. …
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