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Getting the Source Code

PC-BSD uses a GitHub? repository, in which all source code is stored. There are a number of create tutorials on using git, please take a look at the Git Book as a good getting started guide.

Checking out the code is easy. Make sure you have the subversion client installed, then:

PC-BSD (Our active branch of development, where new features and ideas are committed and pushed out to users)
% git clone git://

Projects (Source for work-in-progress projects before they go into the mainline pcbsd repo)
% git clone git://

PBI (Location of modules and scripts used to build PBI files on PC-BSD)
% git clone git://

Once you have the repo checked out, you're free to browse it on your local filesystem. To update the repo to any new revisions however, you need to issue the "pull" command.

cd /path/to/repository
git pull

Making Commits

First, you need a GitHub? username and password before you can request to commit changes into the tree. Please take a look at the Developers Page for information on becoming a committer.