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On this page I'll try to summarize all info on how get PC-BSD boot from USB Flash drive. Create Part

  1. We need to get USB Flash drive, formatted in FAT with at least 2Gb+ Free space (1,89Gb I have with 7.1 Beta1)
  2. We need download DVD-ISO, from Yes, we aren't downloading USB or USB-bootonly version.
  3. We need to get any ISO extraction tool. Example: WinRAR, any Virtual driver (Alcohol, Daemon tools, etc) - mount ISO, and copy - it's the same as extract.
  4. Extract content of ISO into Flash drive.
  5. Download archive with additional files here Archive contains two folders, "files", and "syslinux". Extract both these folders somewhere, e.g. C:\pcbsd
  6. Go to start menu, "Run" and enter command to run - "cmd". Once you're in command line change directory to where you extracted archive, for example "cd C:\pcbsd\syslinux" Suou should notice from command line prompt that you are there.
  7. Open "My Computer", carefully look for Drive letter of your USB-Flashdrive, make SURE you didn't mistake! When you know driver letter, enter in command line such command, without quotes: "syslinux -m -a X:" Place correct driver letter instead of X: If no messages appear, then your USB-Flashdrive made bootable successful! You can now close command line.
  8. Copy content of "C:\pcbsd\files" into your USB Flash drive. All these files should be put directly into root of Flash drive, for example file "C:\pcbsd\files\grub.exe" should be copied to "X:\grub.exe", and all others similar.

Yes! We did it! We have our drive. But not haste boot from it, you should remember additional steps, better you write it somewhere on paper.

Boot Part

  1. Make sure you know how boot from USB with your computer. Read some sites would be good.
  2. Boot from USB, no additional actions required, and you should see this screen: