Ticket #687: pc-sysinstall.log

File pc-sysinstall.log, 6.8 KB (added by b o b, 3 years ago)
1kern.geom.debugflags: 0 -> 16
2Deleting all gparts
3Running: gpart destroy /dev/ada0
4gpart: arg0 'ada0': Invalid argument
5Clearing gpt backup table location on disk
6Running: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada0 bs=1m count=1
71+0 records in
81+0 records out
91048576 bytes transferred in 0.013765 secs (76177755 bytes/sec)
10Running: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada0 bs=1m oseek=228932
11dd: /dev/ada0: short write on character device
12dd: /dev/ada0: end of device
135+0 records in
144+1 records out
154808704 bytes transferred in 0.012821 secs (375065856 bytes/sec)
16Running: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada0 count=3000
173000+0 records in
183000+0 records out
191536000 bytes transferred in 0.170320 secs (9018329 bytes/sec)
20Running gpart on /dev/ada0
21Running: gpart create -s mbr -f active /dev/ada0
22ada0 created
23Running gpart add on /dev/ada0
24Running: gpart add -a 4k -t freebsd -i 1 /dev/ada0
25ada0s1 added
26Cleaning up /dev/ada0s1
27Running: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/ada0s1 count=1024
281024+0 records in
291024+0 records out
30524288 bytes transferred in 0.066179 secs (7922267 bytes/sec)
31Running: gpart set -a active -i 1 /dev/ada0
32active set on ada0s1
33Stamping boot0 on /dev/ada0
34Running: gpart bootcode -b /boot/boot0 /dev/ada0
35bootcode written to ada0
36Running: gpart create -s BSD /dev/ada0s1
37ada0s1 created
38Running: gpart add -s 2048M -t freebsd-ufs -i 1 /dev/ada0s1
39ada0s1a added
40Running: gpart add -s 226886M -t freebsd-zfs -i 2 /dev/ada0s1
41ada0s1b added
42Running: gpart bootcode -b /boot/boot /dev/ada0s1
43bootcode written to ada0s1
44NEWFS: /dev/ada0s1a - UFS+SUJ
45Running: newfs -t  -U /dev/ada0s1a
46/dev/ada0s1a: 2048.0MB (4194304 sectors) block size 32768, fragment size 4096
47        using 4 cylinder groups of 512.03MB, 16385 blks, 65664 inodes.
48        with soft updates
49super-block backups (for fsck_ffs -b #) at:
50 192, 1048832, 2097472, 3146112
51Running: sync
52Running: tunefs -j enable /dev/ada0s1a
53tunefs: soft updates journaling set
54Using inode 4 in cg 0 for 16777216 byte journal
55Running: sync
56Running: glabel label boot0 /dev/ada0s1a
57Running: sync
58Creating geli provider for /dev/ada0s1b
59Running: dd if=/dev/random of=/tmp/.pc-sysinstall/.geli-keys/-dev-ada0s1b.key bs=64 count=1
601+0 records in
611+0 records out
6264 bytes transferred in 0.000027 secs (2375535 bytes/sec)
63Running: geli init -J /tmp/.pc-sysinstall/part-info-enc/-dev-ada0s1b-encpass /dev/ada0s1b
65Metadata backup can be found in /var/backups/ada0s1b.eli and
66can be restored with the following command:
68        # geli restore /var/backups/ada0s1b.eli /dev/ada0s1b
70Running: geli attach -j /tmp/.pc-sysinstall/part-info-enc/-dev-ada0s1b-encpass /dev/ada0s1b
71NEWFS: /dev/ada0s1b - ZFS
72Running: gnop create -S 4096 /dev/ada0s1b.eli
73Creating zpool tank0 on /dev/ada0s1b.eli
74Running: zpool create -m none -f tank0 /dev/ada0s1b.eli.nop
75Running: zpool export tank0
76Running: gnop destroy /dev/ada0s1b.eli.nop
77Running: zpool import tank0
78Running: zfs set atime=off tank0
79zfs create  -p tank0/ROOT
80Running: zfs create  -p tank0/ROOT
81zfs create  -p tank0/ROOT/default
82Running: zfs create  -p tank0/ROOT/default
83Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt tank0/ROOT/default
84Stamping tank0/ROOT/default as bootfs
85Running: zpool set bootfs=tank0/ROOT/default tank0
86zfs create -V 2G -p tank0/swap
87Running: zfs create -V 2G -p tank0/swap
88Running: zfs set org.freebsd:swap=on tank0/swap
89Running: zfs set checksum=off tank0/swap
90zfs create  -p tank0/root
91Running: zfs create  -p tank0/root
92Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/root tank0/root
93zfs create  -p tank0/tmp
94Running: zfs create  -p tank0/tmp
95Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/tmp tank0/tmp
96Running: zfs set compress=lzjb tank0/tmp
97zfs create  -p tank0/usr
98Running: zfs create  -p tank0/usr
99Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/usr tank0/usr
100Running: zfs set canmount=off tank0/usr
101zfs create  -p tank0/usr/home
102Running: zfs create  -p tank0/usr/home
103Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/usr/home tank0/usr/home
104zfs create  -p tank0/usr/jails
105Running: zfs create  -p tank0/usr/jails
106Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/usr/jails tank0/usr/jails
107zfs create  -p tank0/usr/obj
108Running: zfs create  -p tank0/usr/obj
109Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/usr/obj tank0/usr/obj
110Running: zfs set compress=lzjb tank0/usr/obj
111zfs create  -p tank0/usr/pbi
112Running: zfs create  -p tank0/usr/pbi
113Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/usr/pbi tank0/usr/pbi
114zfs create  -p tank0/usr/ports
115Running: zfs create  -p tank0/usr/ports
116Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/usr/ports tank0/usr/ports
117Running: zfs set compress=gzip tank0/usr/ports
118zfs create  -p tank0/usr/ports/distfiles
119Running: zfs create  -p tank0/usr/ports/distfiles
120Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/usr/ports/distfiles tank0/usr/ports/distfiles
121Running: zfs set compress=off tank0/usr/ports/distfiles
122zfs create  -p tank0/usr/src
123Running: zfs create  -p tank0/usr/src
124Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/usr/src tank0/usr/src
125Running: zfs set compress=gzip tank0/usr/src
126zfs create  -p tank0/var
127Running: zfs create  -p tank0/var
128Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/var tank0/var
129Running: zfs set canmount=off tank0/var
130zfs create  -p tank0/var/audit
131Running: zfs create  -p tank0/var/audit
132Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/var/audit tank0/var/audit
133Running: zfs set compress=lzjb tank0/var/audit
134zfs create  -p tank0/var/log
135Running: zfs create  -p tank0/var/log
136Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/var/log tank0/var/log
137Running: zfs set compress=gzip tank0/var/log
138zfs create  -p tank0/var/tmp
139Running: zfs create  -p tank0/var/tmp
140Running: zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/var/tmp tank0/var/tmp
141Running: zfs set compress=lzjb tank0/var/tmp
142mount -o rw /dev/ada0s1a -> /mnt/boot
143Running: mount -o rw /dev/ada0s1a /mnt/boot
144pc-sysinstall: Starting Extraction
145pc-sysinstall: Extraction Finished
146Running chroot command: /usr/bin/cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf
147Setting iwn0 to DHCP on the system.
148Setting alc0 to DHCP on the system.
149Setting iwn0 to accepting RAs on the system.
150Setting alc0 to accepting RAs on the system.
151Running: geli configure -b /dev/ada0s1b
152Setting hostname: pcbsd-2989
153Running: mkdir -p /mnt//boot-mount/boot
154Running: mv /mnt/boot/* /mnt/boot-mount/boot/
155Running: mv /mnt/boot-mount/boot /mnt/boot/
156Running: umount /dev/ada0s1a
157Running: mount /dev/ada0s1a /mnt/boot-mount
158Running: rmdir /mnt/boot
159Running: chroot /mnt ln -s boot-mount/boot /boot
160Running external command: /root/save-config.sh
161Running external command: mount -t devfs devfs ${FSMNT}/dev
162Running chroot command: touch /var/.runxsetup
163Running chroot command: cp -R /boot/kernel /boot/kernel.pcbsd
164Running chroot command: /usr/local/bin/pc-xdgutil updatemenu
165Running external command: cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf ${FSMNT}/usr/local/share/pcbsd/xorg-gui/conf/xorg.conf.basic
166Running external command: sh /root/insMetaPkgs.sh base-system,Enlightenment,Enlightenment-Modules CD pcbsd
167Running chroot command: sh /usr/local/share/pcbsd/scripts/sys-init.sh
168Running chroot command: touch /var/.pcbsd-firstboot
169Running chroot command: touch /var/.pcbsd-firstgui
170Running external command: umount ${FSMNT}/dev