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Update the Lumina roadmap a bit.
Add a bit more details about plugins that need writing/work, and additional utility that would be good to write eventually (lumina-screenshot)

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1General roadmap for the Lumina Project to reach version 1.0
7 - Finish up the desktop plugin system
8 - Create a few desktop plugins
9   -- Plugins: directory viewer, image viewer, note taker, app launcher
10   -- Default Plugins: 1 directory viewer (home dir)
11 - Create a couple more panel plugins
12   -- Screen Brightness control (xbrightness)
13   -- Unified screen/system settings (brightness, volume, network status, workspace)
14   -- Clean up clock plugin (add calender widget to a menu, and ability to customize time display)
15 - Add ability for customized user icon for the user button (~/.lumina/user.png?)
16 - Add support for vertical toolbars on right/left side of screen
17 - Finish up the system tray
18   -- Tray app backgrounds
19   -- Retroactive app detection/embedding
20   -- Move the LX11/event usage out of the sesssion and into the plugin class directly.
21 - (DONE) Add a few more context menu options (single app launcher, open file manager)
24 - Need to recreate the UI to better streamline/hide the inactive options (interface too busy)
25 - Add support for modifying session options (startup applications, fluxbox customization, etc)
27Lumina-fm (Insight?)
28 - (DONE) Basic file manager functionality (browse, view, remove, copy, rename, move, and open files)
29 - (DONE) ZFS file/dir restoration ability
30 - (DONE) Image slideshow ability
31 - Multimedia player ability (optional for 1.0 - might wait for some of the new Phonon stuff in Qt5)
32 - Network protocol support (samba, ftp, others?)
33   -- This is optional usage (only shown as available if the utilities are installed)
34 - (DONE) External drive detection/accessability (just usage? only check for mounted devices then)
35 - Perhaps write a custom backend class for FM functionality instead of using the QFileSystemModel?
38 - Verify mimetype support/availability in the UI
39 - Still not happy with the available apps widget. Perhaps go to something that can be scrolled?
42ROADMAP to 1.0
440.5 - Get Lumina-FM finished up and available (so there is time for testing/fixing)
450.6 - Redo Lumina-Config (leave time for testing the new UI)
460.7 - Fix Lumina-Destop system tray and desktop plugins framework
470.8 - Create the new desktop plugins
480.9 - Lumina-open fixes/checks and any other bugfixes that have come up.
52Optional Extensions after 1.0-RELEASE
54Write a screen-locking system (needs PAM/security class)
55  - Don't actually lock/open the PAM session (that could break the login session)
56  - Just for verification of credentials for the desired user (current or admin)
58Parental Control System (needs screen locker, OS-specific network protocols)
59  - Daily Time Limits (simple to do)
60  - Network Accessibility Whitelist (using capsicum?)
62Replace xscreensaver with a custom-written screensaver framework in Qt (needs screen locker)
63  - xscreensaver has some (possibe) security concerns due to
64     network-accessable perl modules that are required
65  - Since the Lumina session already has to keep an eye on system events,
66     if it probably better just to maintainer our own internal timer systems instead
67     of running an additional background daemon (also reduces dependencies).
69Write a screenshot-taking program to tie into the "print-screen" button
70 - Uses pre-set QPixmap options for capturing an X11 window (quite simple)
71 - Save the image as either a *.png or *.jpg
72 - Add this utility to the "core" Lumina desktop (since it is tiny and does not require more dependencies)
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