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#54 Change Clock layout for Latin Langs kris System Defect minor System Configuration 1.3.4
#70 MD5 self-check for install CDs tim Feature Request minor Installer 1.4
#103 i18n support for pbidir TWiN Feature Request minor
#110 Disable splash screen for nvidia drivers Feature Request minor XOrg Configurator 1.4.1
#112 Missing GEOM ELI module in kernel System Defect minor System Configuration 1.4.1
#113 Quick guide is not complete System Defect minor Misc 1.4.1
#7 Integrate KDE 4.0 Feature Request major System Configuration
#8 Integrate FreeBSD 7.0 Feature Request major Misc
#37 Improved control panel Feature Request major Misc 1.3.4
#38 Rolling out a lot of PC-BSD workstations easy Feature Request major System Tool 1.3.4
#45 Different versions: Light, Thin Client, LiveCD, Server Feature Request major Installer 1.3.4
#94 Version to Notebook Asus EeePC yerenkow Feature Request major System Configuration 1.4.1
#109 Disable Hardware acceleration for nvidia legacy driver 71xx Feature Request major XOrg Configurator 1.4.1
#114 KCron and some applications cannot read - unknown code page System Defect major System Tool 1.4
#117 Add roaming support to wifi tool tim Feature Request major Network Manager 1.4.1
#125 new feature for system-upgrade kris Feature Request major PC-BSD Updater 1.5
#131 Windows Vista boot sector System Defect major System Configuration 1.5.1
#133 install from USB Feature Request major Installer 1.5.1
#145 download failure System Defect major Misc
#108 Incorrect keyboard layout in xorg configurator System Defect critical XOrg Configurator 1.4.1
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