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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#880 Firewall configuration for interfaces created later new kris minor 9.2 System Configuration
#1071 Remove testing mailing list option in Bug Reporting Tool new joshms minor 9.2 System Tool
#825 wireless icon in tray showing wrong icon reopened ken trivial Network Manager
#940 Warden Export Jail Fails PCBSD10.0 new kris major System Configuration
#946 System hangs at the point of reboot point install new kris major Installer
#962 PC-BSD 10 black screen new kris major Installer
#983 Warden GUI - User Administrator - Remove button new kris trivial System Configuration
#990 Update Manager Icon not Updating new ken major System Configuration
#1003 Display Settings wizard new kris major System Tool
#1014 dual boot error new kris minor System Configuration
#1016 PC-BSD GUI utilities are not uniform in basic layout new joshms minor System Configuration
#1022 PC-BSD Update Center last log does not contain errors new yurkis minor System Tool
#1023 PC-BSD Update Center got confused from applying updates new yurkis major System Tool
#1026 Enable the default battery monitor for LXDE new kris minor Misc
#1027 PC-BSD Update Center icon on system tray new kris minor System Tool
#1037 PC-BSD Control Panel Freezing Bug new yurkis major System Tool
#1044 Hyperthreading causing problems with resume from suspend (state S3) new kris minor System Configuration
#1061 DUAL NVIDIA GPU // XORG ISSUES new kris major XOrg Configurator
#1063 KDE Boot splash not showing PC-BSD logo at last boot icon assigned joshms trivial Misc
#1069 Installer fails when selecting RaidZ1. new kris major Installer
#1073 xfce ibus does not work again ?? new major System Configuration
#1074 No Sound System detected in Jitisi on 10.0-RELEASE-p4 new major System Configuration
#1075 OpenOffice 4.0.1 crashes when saving documents on 10.0-RELEASE-p4 new major System Configuration
#1080 hw.usb.no_shutdown_wait setting does the opposite new major System Configuration
#1081 ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 new major XOrg Configurator
#1085 Cinnamon Screensaver Lock Password Issue new major System Configuration
#1088 pc-netmanager closes on cancel button in sub dialog new major System Tool
#1090 Request for Clementine PBI new major System Configuration
#1092 PC-BSD 10.0.1 Release not appearing on side/mirrors new major System Configuration
#1095 Update center: possible open web link as root new yurkis major System Tool
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