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Shutdown Options Corrupted by Using Virtual Terminal

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The summary of the problem is this. After starting the system and logging in as a regular user, if ANY user starts a virtual terminal, then the ability to "politely" shut the system down disappears and one must use the power switch or other inconvenient method.

I am running the 64-bit version of PC-BSD 9.1 in a VirtualBox? Guest running on 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate. The virtual computer is also configured to use ZFS RAIDZ with three hard drives but I have duplicated the problem with a single drive system. Below, are the steps I performed.

Start system and log in as regular, non-privileged user (using GNOME).

From main menu choose the following:
System -> Shut Down...

Choose System -> Shut Down...
Options now are Restart, Cancel Shut Down
Choose Cancel.

Start a virtual terminal by entering Ctrl+Alt+F2 (or F1, but I like F2 to reduce the "noise" from status messages).
Log in as regular user. You don't need to do anything here at the moment.

Switch back to GNOME by entering Ctrl+Alt+F9
From the main menu choose the following:
System -> Shutdown
Only option now is Cancel
Choose Cancel.

Return to virtual console by entering Ctrl+Alt+F2
Logout of this session (enter "exit")

Return to GNOME by entering Ctrl+Alt+F9
From main menu choose the following:
System -> Shutdown
The option still remains only Cancel.
Do nothing and let timer count down.

The system will not be shut down, but user will be logged out and returned to login screen (GDM?).

Log back in as the same unprivileged user.
From the main menu note that the System menu no longer has a Shut Down... option. Only Log out (name)... is available.

It is no longer possible to "politely" shut the system down. Either a terminal must be opened, "su" to root, and perform "shutdown -h now", logout as a regular user and log in as root and then shut down, or hit the power button on the computer.

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I've tried this on a virtualized system and a native system and I can't duplicate this issue. I downloaded the gnome packages through control panel > package manager >. I'm using PCBSD 9.2 Release P7. After following your steps I still had a shutdown option in both instances. Can you try upgrading and see if that solves your problem? If you are still experiencing the problem can you re-open this ticket and post pictures of the behavior in question? We might have to delve a little deeper into it at that point.

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